Monday, April 6, 2009

Random catching up

Saturday was Samuel's second soccer game. Thankfully, the weather was MUCH better than the first one. When I pulled up to the field and saw the team they were playing against I asked God to help them not get creamed. They didn't have enought people to have a 9-10 year old AND an 11-12 year old league, so they combined. Only thing is we have kids 8-11 on our team. This team looked more like the 11-13 year old team. My, but they were giants compared to our mighty Hornets. Our team had improved greatly and had a really good goaly after we gave up 2 goals. The game ended 3-0, but could have been much worse. I was so pleased to see how much effort they all put in and didn't give up. I'm also pleased we only have to play them one more time before the season is over!
Tonight was a Father and Son event at church. Samuel was so excited to go, he wasn't the least bit sad about missing cub scouts. It's fun for Catherine because she gets undivided attention from me. We HAD to have Papa John's pizza since Samuel and I did when she and Buddy went to their thing. Then we jumped with Caleb on the trampoline, had a family band moment with toy guitar, morracas and cluster bells and a newly made up song about Hannah coming home. Very nice. Got some good future musicians in the fam. ;o) After Caleb was down, it was time to play play dough and start reading The Secret Garden. Sadly, I don't know if I've ever read it before. We read the first chapter and I hope to continue with her. She's much more of a run-until-I-have-to-stop than a sit-quitely-while-you-read-to-me kind of girl. It's so much fun to find old books that are from before my grandparents were even born. The kids get pretty excited about it, too.
We had Catherine's observing day at ballet today. She did very well- I can tell a huge improvement since December. Alas, she has outgrown her second pair of ballet shoes since October! Crazy thing is, shoes vary in size by maker and regular shoe size has nothing to do with it. Wow! Caleb was quite taken with the whole program and was trying to do the things the girls did. Arms up, moving his legs, he tried to get in their line up. Fortunately, it was only Catherine's class and another small child was in there with us, although not as active.
Caleb started saying "Bubba, Sissy, Daddy, Mama" over and over and over.... mostly in the car. It's funny to listen to, and nice to have something besides "mama, mama,..." While we were in the class he kept saying, "Bubba" and trying to get to Catherine!
I keep looking at Suburbans for sale, knowing our time is getting closer to really needing it. We do have some requirements, though. After having 3 kids in a vehicle with leather seat, cleaning up messes in it, I know cloth seats will not be an option unless I plan on having stains everywhere! I found one that looked pretty good and a good price, until I found out it had no 3rd row seat. The right one will be there. Or as a friend and I have discussed, a 12 passenger van might be great so we have plenty of room for our family and anyone else who wants to come along.

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