Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random updates

We finished school last Thursday and have had a blast since then. Really, it's been very nice to have an unstructured day AND accomplish things. I miss sitting together, reading and learning about something new. Although a bit dismayed at the amount of math we hadn't finished, I was really pleased to hear some other moms at the homeschool reading and craft time at the library telling how much they had yet to finish. I'm more encouraged than ever to look into a co-op, but now have to really pray about which one. One lady was telling about Classical conversation, which I've heard is really great, and is starting in our town in the fall. Decisions, decisions! We've been having some good play time with friends, which has been great. I'm hoping to fill a lot of the summer with that, in between our swimming, scouting activities, dance, and church camp. Can't imagine being bored this summer!

In other news, I'm heading to Tampa tomorrow and heading back Saturday night. My Maid of Honor is getting married in 8 days and I wanted to spend some time together- the 1st in almost 12 years! I'm so excited to see her and to be in Florida- not on a lay over in an airport! Probably won't have any beach time, but some fun girlfriend time. Amazing to think of going by myself to be with a friend and no one needing me for over 24 hours!

Hannah was going to have a visitor yesterday or today! I'm very excited that our kids are going to be checked on regularily until we get there. Not sure if there will be pictures, but just knowing someone is there is awesome. Our fingerprints are good until August, so the Lord is helping me to trust Him as He works on our behalf and Hannah's. God has great things in store for that sweet girl! Glad He's chosen us to be part of it.

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