Tuesday, June 2, 2009


...Is a potentialy important day for us. Actually, while we sleep tonight people are to be meeting and looking at our papers and possibly giving us a date. I admit, there have been so many potentially exciting days that have fallen miserably by the wayside and getting your hopes up about things you have no control over is a dangerous thing to do. However, I believe we are coming to the end of this looooooooooooooooong (1 "o" for each month of waiting) journey quickly. Before you go to bed tonight, thank God with us that He is working on our behalf and the other families going with us, and helping those people do what needs to be done.
After I got the potentially exciting news yesterday, I spent the majority of the day doing only laundry instead of doing the many things I really need to be doing. Wouldn't it be great to have someone come over to your house, tell you what things you need to do and help you figure out the best system for it? Dream day for me. Anyway, reality says- start making your list and hop to it! The kids will be gone starting tomorrow afternoon and I've made plans to take Caleb to a babysitter Thursday morning so I can paint dressers and do more in depth work. While the kids are away, many of their "treasures" may go away too!
I'll keep you posted!


Kerry Shealy said...

That's great! I'll be praying as I go to sleep!

I wish I could come help you! I just told my sister yesterday that I would love to get paid to help people get organized. It feels so good!!!

Delahne said...

I'd take you up in a heartbeat! Too bad you're not just an afternoon drive away!