Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I thought off and on about how we'll communicate with Hannah once we are with her forever. Her language is not an easy one. She's young and will learn quickly around 3 siblings. We'll have interpreters while we're there. I've signed with my other kids to help them communicate. We could use pictures to help her express her wants/needs. I bought a book with phrases and met a lady from her country who helped us some. However, I haven't yet put myself into figuring it out fully.
Mary, who was so kind as to send us some traditional music earlier in our journey, sent us a cd-rom to help us learn the language better. I tell you what, hearing beats trying to pronounce on your own any day! There's a web site that has a variety of languages to learn. Another nice thing about it is that you can print out a picture dictionary! Worst case scenario, you can point to a picture which has the correct spelling in both languages and the phonetic spelling. Yesterday the kids had fun with it. Today, after talking to a friend who kindly encouraged me to not have this summer be just for projects, I decided to have some time by myself learning. I really do like learning new things and this could be a great way to have some "me" time with a benefit! I'll have something to do on the plane ride over, too! I actually think a good, long nap will be the best I could ask for on the plane.
Off to our next task of the day- quick errands, dance class, then celebrating a belated father's day with the family.
By the way, I didn't post on Father's Day because I was having too much fun having Buddy and Samuel back from their camp out and being a family. I'm really thankful for both my wonderful husband and my awesome Dad. Couldn't ask for better!

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Praying, praying, & praying some more! He can move mountains!!! Come on good news :) (...I have something for you on my blog..)