Friday, June 5, 2009

It's amazing what a few days without your kids do for you. FIrst, I've had way less laundry, way less cooking, way less noise, less fighting and discipline, way less "hey, mom," and way less messes to clean up. Second, I've gotten a ton done on painting projects and cleaning of their rooms. Third, we had an adult dinner that I knew the kids would not like, but we enjoyed. Fourth, we're having a friend over for dinner tonight where we'll have a nice conversation without interruptions (or fewer since Caleb will still be there.)
However, I've also been noticing less laughing, less hugs, less watching as they discover things. Now, it has been fun watching Caleb more closely and seeing him get to express himself more. I've had a chance to think of things I should do more of with the kids and plan how to implement that. More hugs, more praise, more encouragement, more time snuggling. More of what makes being a mom so great.
In 26 hours, they'll be home and things will not look the same around here in many ways. It was good for me, and I hope very memorable and life changing for them.

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