Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming and such

Catherine just finished practicing her Blue Bird dance.
He's looking really serious after diving for rings.

We're done with swimming lessons! I must tell you, I'm quite thankful. It was 2 weeks of slow roasting in hot, humid conditions. Either you could sweat off a few pounds, or you could come out plump and juicy. Thankfully, it was not the latter! The kids did well and showed great improvement but didn't pass. Time will not allow another round before summer is over (I'm thankful!) so we'll have to play in the pool a lot.
I was able to get a 16GB memory card at Sam's yesterday. I have the capability of taking over 6000 pictures or 480 minutes of movies on one card. I was able to film some of their lessons today, practising for our trip. Now, to just get extra batteries. Thanks to an anonymous tip, I'll be better prepared.
Waiting patiently as some very important things are being done today. It's a big step closer to travel. Trusting God for favor and speed to accomplish this task.

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