Monday, June 29, 2009

Checking off the list

Yesterday was a great day of accomplishments at our house. We went to church Saturday night so we could relax together on Sunday. Buddy was able to mow while it was still cool, we took apart the bunk beds and totally rearranged both bedrooms. I was able to put Hannah's things in her dresser!
We now officially have a boys room and a girls room. Of course, in all the rearranging, we found many treasures that, at the end, had no place to go but the trash. 3 Walmart bags of trash and 2 bags of clothes to donate came out of one room. Mounds of laundry got washed, dried, and put up, as well as vacuuming done. We washed both vehicles, checked out some camping equiptment for this week, and had a great time together through it all. I was so pleased with all we'd accomplished in one day. So grateful for everyone pitching in and making it happen.
When I put Samuel and Catherine to bed (Caleb needed a little extra attention since we moved his bed and added a bed to his room) they had big smiles on their faces. Samuel whispered, "I'm trying not to laugh!" He was so tickled about having a boys room. Catherine did have some trouble falling asleep. She's been with Samuel for 5 years now and had all this space to herself!
Funny thing is, today they have been playing so well with each other in their separate rooms with doors closed, going from one to the other. We've also added the signs of "No Girls" and "NO Boys" etc. We'll have to talk about that.
Now, if we can just get the girls' room painted, we should be about set.

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