Monday, June 22, 2009

My new camera is here! Ok, I'm ready to go! Painting the girls' room can wait til we get back, but now I can go and record all the great moments. It's a Canon Power Shot SD1200 digital elph. It's tiny, but hopefully really easy to use and very good at recording memories for posterity's sake. (I think this will be the first ever adoption on either side of our family. Pretty cool!) The best thing is that it didn't cost a cent. Points on your credit card is the way to go!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new soon to be daughter. She is adorable.
A bit of advice.. buy extra memory cards for your camera and batteries. Although they do sell them there you will be busy and well.. these things tend to run out when we least expect them to. And take lots and lots of pictures and video. There is no such thing as too many on one of these trips. Remember these will probably be the bulk of her "baby pictures" Please don't skimp on them. Record everything for her. Where she is, where she was and where she's going. It will make for a much smoother transition and she'll really appreciate it as she gets older.
Enjoying your blog and wishing you the best as you complete your family.