Thursday, June 18, 2009

recital pics and random updates

Got me a little teary eyed when I saw these. She looks entirely too big, but oh, so happy.

Swimming lessons are going swimmingly this year. We weren't too sure about Catherine staying with Samuel in level 4, but she's hung in there. If only we knew our travel plans! I'd do another round to help her and a mommy and me for Caleb. I just hate to make mom do it. The kids do enjoy it and it would certainly take up a good chunk of the day....

Today is Catherine's first rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty. It's a good time for me to get errands done in town. This week has been really busy with running up to swim lessons in the am and then something in town in the afternoon. Really ready for next week when we'll only have 2 things in the afternoon and swim in the am.

Caleb has started calling trucks and cars "boom boom." He actually was crying yesterday because he couldn't find a big dump truck when we were headed for mom and dad's. Then, he found a Diego doll at their house and fell in love with "baby!" He walked around rocking it, saying "nigh nigh" and "Jesuth." On the way home he was kissing it and giving it a drink from his sippy cup. He spent a lot of time taking his cousins' Barbies and making crashing, smashing noises with them. It was quite entertaining for the adults. ALL boy. Monday we went to see my parents. When we met them, my mom was on the phone and had a report of some kind in her hand. Caleb saw it and said "d-e-f." We sing the abc's and I sign them. He anticipates letters and gets a big smile when it's time for "ZEE!" His little fingers are moving and trying to make the signs. I know there are some other fun things, but need to run at the moment. I'll remember to share with/bore you later.


Kerry Shealy said...

Catherine is beautiful!

Mary said...

What beautiful pictures - she looks radiant!