Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today was supposed to be filled with accomplishment! Buddy was taking off for Webelos Residence Camp to spend the day, night, and tomorrow with Samuel. I was only going to have 2 to work around for painting the bathroom. (By the way, my trim painting job was met with approval!) However, we've had a little swim in the pool- Caleb actually did not leave my lap and kept pulling my legs close to him if I tried to sneak him off, had some coloring time with Catherine, started watching Chicken Run, mom and dad came for a quick visit, I've done a bit of taping and caulking, but not ONE drop of paint has made it onto the walls! Without Buddy, I don't know where things are or exactly how I should be doing them. Terrible how much I've come to rely on him and not learned how to do more on my own. (However, it is VERY nice to have a husband who is so good at so many things when he has time to do them. I am more thankful than ever for his expertise.)
So, off to Home Depot to lighten the paint, buy a new roller, and hopefully get at least one coat on before I call it a night.

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amy said...

You sound sooo busy!!Have a great week!