Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fishing fun

Yesterday was the cub scout fishing derby. At 9:00, it was already 89 degrees. We loaded up on the sunscreen, asked for help getting our fishing poles ready, and off the kids went. We spent quite a while in the sun, Catherine and Samuel fishing, Buddy and I taking turns keeping track of Caleb. At the end of the fishing time, Catherine won biggest fish and most fish caught. We all won door prizes as well as 2 prizes C won. Look at all this loot! We went from having our tackle in a small shoe box to having to go a big tackle box today. What a blessing. It was 100 degees by the time we left a little after noon. Caleb slept 3.5 hours! We bought a sno cone machine that afternoon and have really enjoyed it.
That's a new bobber he's sucking on.

We're going camping this week, so we hope to make good use of all the great gadgets.

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Charissa said...

Oh my, everybody looks SO hot. I'm glad you had fun though. Hope we can see each other this week!