Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seriously, right after I posted last, my monitor decided to say goodbye. After 4 years, my lovely 19 inch LCD monitor will not turn on. So, no computer until yesterday afternoon. So grateful for my friends lending me a monitor until I can figure out what the scoop is with this one. Amazing how many times I wanted to look something up and couldn't, or check email, or blog and couldn't.

Thursday while I was painting light fixtures, I took before pics with the video camera since my other camera quit (I had points from a credit card to order a new one, but didn't do it before the monitor died). I moved it out of the way so no overspray would get on it. Unfortunately, I put it on the grill and forgot about it. Friday am, we drove to a town about 35 miles away because a store was going out of business and had great deals. It rained really hard while we were driving, but stopped and we found some good things. However, upon returning home, I was going to take a picture of something and remembered what I'd done. Of course, it was dripping wet. Guilt, near panic, disgust at myself all came on me at once. I called Charissa who told me that Shelley told her to pack it in rice and put it in the freezer. I did, but when I pulled it out and saw all the ice crystals, I got concerned and just left it in the bag to see what would happen. Clicks and that was it. Buddy is not yet aware of this. I called a friend after hearing from JVC that it would be $65 just to look at it and could be the entire cost of a new camera to repair this one. Back in the freezer it went and will stay for a few days. Almost 4 hours of video and over 100 pictures are on it.

I also got a brown recluse spider bite on my leg Friday. Praise the Lord it was not serious. As soon as I saw it, I prayed over it and began doing what I knew to do to help it. I finally went to the Dr. today, but since it hadn't spread or gotten infected, he said to keep up what I was doing. When I got home I found a needle to start IV's from when I worked in the ICU. This was probably 7-10 years ago. The intent was asking Buddy to let me practice on him. Can you guess why it remained in my drawer, unopened all that time? Anyway, I got it out and dug out the little part that was black and all is lovely. I'd show you a picture, but....

Cooky weekend that could seriously destroy your joy and trust in the Lord. He's so faithful and has come through for us so many times before, I can't doubt Him now.

HOWEVER, we have had some news on our adoption. I can't give details at the moment, but I do believe something very exciting will be happening the end of this week/beginning of next.

Catherine had her ballet recital on Saturday, which ended up being a very long day for her- rehearsal and performance totalled about 5.5-6 hours, and me as a stage mom for some restless girls who had to stay in the black box for the entire performance! It was lovely, she thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd show you pictures, but... She will begin rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty this week. Very cool stuff.

There are many cute things to share about the kids, but I must go take care of Buddy who just got home from work at 9:20 pm!

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