Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sad news, my hat did NOT shrink like it's supposed to. I still have a very unflattering sack! I think my friend's washing machine does things a little too gently and we needed something much more serious. I'm just hopeful I can actually use it before the weather gets warm.

Much better bedtime tonight. I had to basically camp outside the door and put Caleb back in bed every time he got up, which was about every 5 minutes. Finally, the lights went off and stayed off. Yay!


Charissa said...

Oh, no, all that work!!!

Mary said...

Oh no! I'm glad it eventually worked. I thought of you today when I accidentally felted a hat I'd knit years ago for my dad...guess it fell into the laundry pile by mistake :-P The downside is that my dad is out of a hat but the upside is that it now fits me perfectly!