Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Deviating from our traditional candle in the hot cereal, I made a pan of scones for our sweet little girl. Looking forward to seeing what God brings about in this coming year. We are blessed to have a spunky personality, (which I'm told is a lot like how I was at that age.)

Last night, I went with 3 other CC moms' to hear Dr. Jones. He shared with us how God had given the mandate to teach and we as HS families are fulfilling that mandate. I was so impressed with the learning that had happened with 4 boys, ages 7,8,13 and 15. They all outdid me in mental math big time.
We have had struggles all around this past week, and I feel like I've got an answer. When I told them this morning, they were both ready to throw away the a Beka curriculum and hop right on! We do have to do some testing first, but it's a classical approach and an expectancy that they are extremely capable, because of our covenant with God. It was also great to hear that all 3 families have children throwing fits, crying copiously over their assignments, and triumphing in spite of it all! I AM NOT ALONE!
This morning, I went to peek at Caleb and found him like this He woke up a little later and came out to the kitchen to tell me ,"Good sleeps, mama!" This must change, but it was a good laugh for the morning. Who knows how long he'd been like that.

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