Saturday, January 30, 2010

Since I've last posted, we've had 2 days of pinewood derby races, (Samuel got 2nd at his pack race, but didn't qualify for the city-wide race, to his huge disappointment. His car actually crashed off the washer during the spin cycle and had to be repaired hours before the 1st race. He was awarded with "Most Luminous Paint Job." Catherine got to race with a pink car, which was awarded "Outstanding Use of Decals.") finished up a 3 week cub scout requirement, started our new math curriculum, finished up 3 knitting projects (2 hats, a poncho for Catherine) and getting ready to started a felted wool hat for me. This is really fun!
It's been cold and snowy here and today Catherine and I got to sled down the slope in our front yard for a bit. It was surprisingly warm out there. We've had visitors on our back porch lately. Some of the bird seed spilled out of the bag and they got curious and hungry enough to come up to see if there was anything for them up close to the house. Because it's so much fun to see them, Samuel just dumped it out so they will keep coming.
We had fun yesterday with Buddy being home from work and school. For a while, we had Samuel, Catherine, and Buddy all at the table asking me questions to help with their work. What's great is that Samuel is learning things now that would help him teach English as a foreign language in the future.
Signing off to put the kids to bed.

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