Sunday, January 17, 2010

The party's over

Today was Catherine's party, and boy, did we have fun! There were 6 other girls to celebrate with her, most bringing their American Girl dolls. Newer friends and older ones. We had foot soaks and then I painted their toenails alternating pinks, topped off with a little jewel. Then we sat down to some delicious tea and cucumber sandwiches, followed by cupcakes with strawberry jam mixed with cream cheese. We topped it off with presents and play time.
It could have gone on for a lot longer, but we were quite thankful for the time we had. Catherine was in heaven with her new toys. We could quite conceivable not have to play with her for sometime, because now she has 2 dolls (Christmas from Grandma and birthday from Grandma) with different outfits AND a bathtub, webkinz, a craft project, a furr real kitty that purrs and makes Nora wonder what's going on, and a pretty snow globe. What more could a girl ask for?

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Mary said...

What an awesome birthday party! I remember having tea parties with my friends and our American Girl dolls when I was Catherine's age - so much fun!