Monday, September 14, 2009

10 days!

10 days since my last post. Amazing. It isn't that we've disappeared, we've just had quite a busy time. We made the trip to Branson and had a fabulous time. Got to see dear friends, were blessed with some great clothes for Caleb and some for Catherine, made the SDC trip with C&S totally enjoying Thunderation, which will make visits even more exciting, and just relaxed together. Mom and dad bought some property south of Branson and were working on it while we were there. We got to go visit and help pick rock and dig up some cacti. Samuel rode around a bit with grandpa on his tractor. I'm not sure who it was more fun for.

Although we had a week off from our HS community, we went ahead and did our work and got caught up in Samuel's writing/language/grammer work. He's been writing poems and getting to type them on the computer, which he really likes. I'm learning as we go, too.
Catherine hadn't been feeling very well the last few days-coughing and low grade fever. We braved a Japanese sleep over. I must say, my friend Shawn makes excellent sushi and spring rolls. Catherine made it through the sleep over and then opted to "take a rest" before our little friend Hope's birthday party. She came out after a while and asked if she had to go. Of course not, so she slept for about 1.5 hours and went to bed early Saturday night. I stayed up and decorated the cake and some cupcakes I'd made for Caleb's 2nd birthday. Oh, how time has flown!

The C's and I stayed home from church while the big C recuperated and I finished up with the party prep. One of my nieces was sick, so Mark brought Gabriel and Piper joined us later. Mom made it, but dad was on a motorcycle trip. Part of the Urbans made it, but their crew wasn't doing too hot, either! Fun was had by all. It was so sweet the way Caleb kept saying, "birthday.....cake!" He so badly wanted to get his hands on some of that pretty frosting! He is definitely one to keep me on my toes, a very lively spirit, which brings a lot to our family. We are blessed and so thankful to be in this wonderful family.
Samuel started flag football last week, which was a thrill. We all went to the practice to run around and chase each other and roll in the grass watch him practice. He really enjoyed it and was relieved when 2 other kids didn't have their cleats yet. Practice snuck up on us again and we'll have to run get him some before 5:30 tomorrow. At least he has his black mouth guard.

On the Hannah front, we received some encouraging news the end of last week. Of course, we have to wait to see how visits between people go, but I believe God is working even yet. Can't you tell we still have room for more and are excited for that spot to be filled.

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Ha ha, cute. Glad you're blogging again. :)