Sunday, September 20, 2009

He gives His angels charge over you...

Yesterday was a full day. I had great plans of doing laundry all day, getting some curtains hung in our bedroom, recovering my hope chest, going to Samuel's game, having fun at my parents' celebrating my birthday. I did get to start another load in the washer, but Buddy was having a hard time getting the dryer hooked up.
Samuel got to win a game! He even pulled off a flag after someone already pulled the 1st one off assisted in a tackle! They won 5 TD's to 1, give or take some extra points. One of my friends came to the house and stayed with Caleb while the game was going, which I was very thankful for. Dad came and helped out with his riding lawn mower, which I happily hopped on to finished up the yard. He also helped Buddy hook up the dryer. By then, it was time to give Caleb a bath, Buddy get ready, and out the door for the party. We had a very nice time, but I felt we needed to get home.
Once we got home, we were met with the smell of charred beans. I had left a pan of beans on the stove on low, forgot about them in the hurry to get out the door. Buddy saw them, meant to ask what I wanted to do, and forgot. Praise the Lord, there was no smoke (how strange is that!) and nothing on fire, just a pot of beans that stunk so badly, it made me nauseous. The smell went all through our house. We opened doors and window, turned on fans and did all we could to get the smell out. Back into the car we piled and headed back to my parents where we spent the night. God is so merciful! We lost nothing and were so thankful for His protection over our family and household.
Interestingly, on the was back from Samuel's game, we heard a scripture on the radio that talks about walking through the flood and you won't be drown, through the fire and the flame will not kindle upon you. I got to explain that to Catherine as we drove home. Little did I know that would we walked out in our life within the next 8 hours!

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