Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm getting another present- a new garage door! The door is who knows how old, heavier than I can lift, and starting to rot in places. Today when I closed it, I heard this sickening sound. My first thought was- did I have the car pulled in all the way? Thankfully, nothing was in the way and we were just fine. We missed Catherine's dance class and returning a book to the library. Other than that, we were not in need of going anywhere. I just wished I had more flour so I could bake more! Thankfully, we have a friend who is in the garage door business and can come by tomorrow morning.
We thought we had a buyer for our vehicle and could possibly be selling it this weekend. Exciting, except we haven't heard back from them. Anyway, we looked and found an suv that would suit our family better. I emailed, talked to Buddy, and then called this am only to find it was already sold. It did seem perfect, but we are confident there is something even more perfect for us out there at just the right time.
I've got the forms to update our homestudy. It's actually valid until December, I believe, but the background checks MUST be back before then and can take several weeks. So, that goes out tomorrow. Never thought we'd be doing this, but we're totally fine with it, and know that God is still working. Another step was taken this week. It does seem slow, but at least we do get glimpses of progress.
Off to clean the kitchen.

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