Friday, September 4, 2009

Done laboring

Buddy is actually taking a holiday off! He's on his way home now, going to look at a job in the morning, then take off for Branson in the am. We decided we needed to get away when he got home at 10:30 last night. A friend offered to let us stay at their place while they are out of town! We'll be able to relax and let Caleb and Buddy nap together as much as they want. My parents have property not far from there that we'll get to see. They'll be working on their land this weekend. Way back when, our neighbors had a tractor that I got to drive around our land in MN. It's be fun to do that again!
While it's awful to have such long hours, it's such a blessing that Buddy has all this work during "this economy." We're thankful to know God supplies all our needs and we are taken care of. The kids miss him, but we know it's for a season. It really is kind of funny how much more relaxed I've gotten (about somethings) being married to Buddy. When I was single, I knew what I wanted to do when and how. Now, I can pull thing together, the day of, to go anywhere! Is that the instant in season and out the Bible talks about?
Hope your weekend is full of happy memories and time to enjoy those God has so richly blessed you to be with.

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