Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ok, so this did not start out as a stellar morning at our house. First of all, I was just starting school when the phone rang. It was our bank. Had we written a check for over $3k for something we bought off of Craig's List? Well, no, we hadn't. Ok, maybe this is something we need to look into. Came you come by before lunch? Sure, I'll do it. Work some more on school work, load the kids in the car, and away we go.
By the time I got there, over 20 phone calls had come in about the same thing. Checks that were thousands over what the purchase price was, requesting the checks be cashed and the extra sent back to the individual. I'd read about those scams in emails, but never expected to be the brunt of one myself. So thankful they got it taken care of! As we're closing the account and opening a new one, Catherine came from the play/waiting area to tell me Hannah was saying "poo." I was almost done and then we could take care of it. What I forgot was that when she had something messy, she says poo, not when she has to go. Well, she'd already gone while sitting in her stroller, playing with trains. Oh, dear, what do I do now that I'm at the car and ready to go home? Load her in and clean her up at home. I had nothing with me. She didn't seem to be bothered at all.
Home, cleaned up, lunch done, naps started, school finished. Buddy called saying he's going to put granite in our house tomorrow morning. Oh, dear! All you homeschoolers in small houses with multiple kids know that the kitchen table IS the school room and making everything look beautiful is NOT easy in a short period. So, that was what we (I) spent the rest of the day doing. Cleaning up the things that have accumulated in the past few days while we've been productive elsewhere.
I did feel like I was in a one-woman band trying to accomplish something while I had a reader and 3 players, sometimes criers. Yes, at one point, Buddy called to say he was coming home and I had 3 crying at the same time. Catherine had gotten bitten by Caleb, Caleb had gotten pushed by Catherine, and Hannah didn't like it that I said no more strollers in the house!
Thankfully, Buddy came home, the littles went to bed, and we got to see some demolition happen in the kitchen. I'm so excited to see what's to come. The bathroom has had its granite for over 6 years, always in a shop somewhere else. Actually, it was in the garage, but he moved it after a few years so I didn't have to keep seeing it and asking when! We have to be out of the house for a while because of the smell, but it'll be great to come back and be amazed. How nice to have his handiwork where we can see it everyday!
When we were at the shower, we were talking about what to do for Hannah's feet, and Robeez was recommended. I had a gift card to Target and went there while everyone was swimming last night. They have knock offs that I thought I'd give a try. After naps today, I pulled them out and showed her. The kids all helped her: Samuel pushed her hair back so she could see better, Catherine tried to put one on, and Caleb was cheering for her and asking when we'd get him a pair. As soon as she got them on, she stood up and walked to the love seat. Such a happy girl! She cried when I took them off tonight.Fun at the pool.Samuel made found a new use for a popped ball.On the way to Branson. Caleb has "silly hair." Hannah has started referring to herself as "Natia" the past few days, and forgotten the kids' names. Correct family, wrong names. Not sure what that's about, but it's kind of sad to hear. I've also noticed that she's getting stretched mentally when we do new things. Like puzzles. The first day, she had so much fun and kept wanting to do more. The next day, she could hardle do one piece. Yesterday, we sorted foam counting beads by color, but couldn't remember color names . Today, she couldn't figure out where they went, and certainly not their names. So much all at once! So much to take in for a little one who hasn't seen much in her life. It'll only get better. Think of all she's already done. It's really amazing. Funny to see her decide if she wants to do something or it's not worth the effort. Smart cookie. Why do it if someone else will do it for you?

Look for before/after pictures tomorrow!

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