Monday, August 9, 2010

We did have a great time in Branson this weekend, and we did get pictures, but they are on other people's cameras and on my phone, which I haven't yet figured out how to access.
The car was perfect for the family; lots of room for everyone. Cranky children don't care how much space there is, though, and will be bothered regardless. We went not knowing where we were staying, and ended up being in the manager's suite, which was just right. Hotel rooms are too small for a family of six, the cabins were full, we felt funny invading friends with such a large group, and had originally planned on going with another couple. Now we have a fall back plan for future trips.

Church on Friday night, where we got to see some of the Storments, and both littles fell asleep. Caleb was a sack of potatoes and only woke up to get in the car and then when we changed him into his jammies. Hannah woke up more easily, stayed up longer, and then went to sleep quickly.

Saturday found us enjoying time with the Knights. They blessed us with some toys for Hannah, some gas money, and some dance things for Catherine. We were so thankful!

On to SDC! The stroller was a bit of a bust because of how uneven the weight distribution is and the hills we have to go up and down. Glad to have it, but just hard work maneuvering. We got to see the dog show, which Hannah was not very interested in and fell asleep during, and ride a few rides. I was so thankful it wasn't as hot there as it had been at home. Lots of people, but the lines weren't too bad. Hannah rode the elephants, the tea cups twice, the frogs (which she cried all the way through. I was waiting in the line for the swings with the big kids and couldn't hear anything, but could see her mouth wide open and Buddy trying to help both of the littles. Not sure how Caleb enjoyed it), the lady bugs, and the butterflies. I think she did fine for all those adventurous moments.

We were able to see the Olsons who, are home from Mexico for a while. They were actually some of the first people we told about Hannah, so it was great to share her with them. After a full day of fun, time for dinner, baths and bed. Caleb was ready, but Hannah needed to wind down a bit. The girls were on the couch, which pulled out, Samuel was on the couch cushions on the floor, and Caleb was in his special bed on the closet floor. So glad he can still fit in there!
Church on Sunday, with a late check out so we could get everything together after church. Wanted to meet the Heflins, who live around Springfield, but the sticky note with their number got tossed by the big man, so we weren't able to connect. Happy to know we'll be back and can let them meet Hannah another time.

Everyone was glad to be home, the cats missed us (especially the water they should've gotten before we left), and we were ready to be back to our routine. Hannah woke up crying a few times during the night, one time she had wiggled around in her bed and had gotten out from under her covers. She stopped crying quickly, and went right back to sleep each time. So glad we have some time before we have to start school in earnest, or this would've either been a very emotional day, or a total loss. As it is, I'm glad I put everything away last night, because we're accomplishing very little so far.

The ladies from CC are having a little shower for us tonight. So looking forward to some time with them and to let them meet Hannah!

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