Friday, August 20, 2010

So, yesterday started with music class, proceeded to a very ugly melt down by one, followed by a chiming in just because, and a 3rd feeling the need to make his voice heard. Thankfully, the eldest held it together for me. The first mentioned child and I had some quality come to Jesus moments that really helped shift the day into much better directions. During nap time, Caleb decided to eat the toothpaste instead of sleeping. Thankfully, it's totally herbal and wouldn't hurt anything except the bacteria in our mouths. It sure was strong, and he didn't like the taste at all. I thought he was going to toss his lunch. Made me wonder how well he chews.... Anyway, it never happend, PTL.
Mom gave us a picture book for Hannah, and I was using it to teach her some signs. Caleb and she sat on the couch after "naps" were finished. It was so sweet to hear him telling her what the pictures were and doing signs for them. After their reading time was up, they each took turns sitting in a little chair. Samuel really wanted a hair cut before CC starts (and before karate class, I think) so I took our stool out onto the back porch, since I'd just scrubbed floors. It sounded like a great idea, but turned out to be really warm! Caleb jumped on the trampoline while Hannah played in the sand table. "Short, mom." That's S's favorite request. Lately, it's all about whether his hair is sticking up, and taking scissors himself to remedy the situation. Then Caleb wanted his cut. Then Catherine wanted hers cut short. Hannah watched all this and soon she was asking for her turn, too. Look back at that 2nd picture of her and you can see what had to happen. It looks better when it's combed, I promise. Everyone was pleased with the results. Caleb was a little clown, as usual, and it took quite a few shots to get this one.
All that before we were to leave for my mtg and the boys' karate class. Pizza to the rescue! Bad mom, I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
I had a great time being with my friends again. So thankful to feel the love and support again. Funny how I missed it over the summer! Thanks for the offer of chocolate, Leslie, but I'll have to decline. You do want P to learn something, don't you?
The boys had a blast, and Samuel got to see several people he didn't expect to see also in the class. He was a little nervous about going, but it turned out really well. They were both sore today, but Samuel was pumped about it all. I don't recall it ever being that way in TKD, so this is a good sign. I was thankful mom could watch the younger ones so I could stay a little longer and chat.
Another day today with all the colors of the rainbow in our day, so we'll be doing some school work tomorrow. We ended by watching some Drive Thru History and putting the little ones to bed. After that, Catherine put together an obstacle course and we timed each other while we ran the race. I won. By 25 seconds. Good way to end the day.
Looking forward to a nice weekend. No plans, just time together, which is just fine with me.


Leslie said...

HAHA! No chocolate, huh? Guess Paige will have to stick with bringing her teacher an apple then...maybe ;) Love the haircuts! See you Monday!

Molly said...

Her bangs look SO CUTE!