Monday, August 23, 2010

Back packs packed, teeth brushed, lunches made, all my stuff together (I think) and we're off to CC! "Is it time to see my friend Joe?" This makes Caleb very happy. Hannah just wonders why she was rushed through breakfast.
Just think, 5 weeks ago, the big adventure for Hannah was riding on the plane and meeting her new family. Now, she's getting ready to have a new adventure with a bunch of people, learning to sit quietly while I tutor, and making new friends.
I'll post pictures when I get home.


Alice said...

Is CC your homeschool co-op? What does the CC stand for? Our is called the Triple F Troop. The triple F stands for Father's Faithful Followers. I didn't have anything to do with the name, but I like it.:) Have fun! Our co-op starts next week and I can't wait to see all my friends again.

Tamara's Mommy said...

How wonderful!!! Looking forward to seeing how Hannah does. Tamara wakes up every morning asking if it's time for her "big school"? Too cute. I hope mine feels the same way when in a few weeks she starts full day kindergarten. I'm already getting nervous.. it's a long day for a 5 yr old. :o(

Leslie said...

What did Hannah think? I thought it was a great day all around. Paige has been talking all about Mrs. cute :) Thanks for teaching her!