Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing Black Beauty!

We're so pleased we can finally all get in one vehicle at the same time!
This morning, the kids and I loaded up and went to a Christian school that's closing. All their library books were free! Plus, they had student desks. I ended up getting over 200 books and a bulletin board. Mind you, we drove our little SUV with the double AND single strollers in the back. I was so wishing we had done the car deal before, but it helped me have an even great appreciation for the new. I told my friend Charissa about it, and she went and picked up 2 desks, actually 3, since 1 needs work, for me for $15. (I saw a friend in WalMart tonight who had to buy book shelves to accomodate her books.) I wish it was still going on tomorrow. What an amazing blessing.
After Charissa got back, I went to sign papers, came home and shortly after got the call to come meet the man. Buddy happened to drive by as I was picking up the keys. We ran home, moved the car seats from one vehicle to the other, and went for our first family outing. Swimming at the Y. Only the pool was closed for swim lessons. Back home we went, littles in the little pool; I left and braved 2 parking lots by myself. Kick guards, seat protectors, and floor mats were on the list.
Now, to sell the old car and learn how to park a Suburban in the garage....


Charissa said...

It's perfect!

Cammie Heflin said...

So happy for you guys!

Tamara's Mommy said...

Congratulations on your new SUV. How wonderful to have room for the whole family. Never drive faster then your guardian angel can fly. ;o)
That book / desk sale sounds like fun. Perfect timing as well. I wish you lived closer. I'd love to see you in action home schooling.
Did you get my email?