Thursday, August 19, 2010

Caleb got the camera yesterday and this is what he found.
Really? 4 days? Well, life has been full and then not so much to blog about. We've had some interesting days that we'll just file away for now and let time smooth over in our memories. Then we've also had some really nice times that I'm thankful for.

I'm enjoying my kitchen, but have yet to achieve perfect clearness on the counters. See, I'm not the only one who lives here. Enough said.

We've had some hurdles I think we've made some big progress on, even though it was a challenge to gain some victory in. Last night, I think we turned a corner. Probably never share about it, but that's ok.

Hannah is making efforts to walk all over the house. Yesterday, she walked from her bed to the bathroom with no help, then from the bathroom to her chair at the table with no help. Our house isn't big, but that's a huge step. I didn't ask her to, she just did it.

Yesterday, Catherine had music class for the little kids. It was really funny to listen from the other side of the door to their play. When I peaked in, C & H were sitting side by side with their "batons" to direct the orchestra. Hey, they are learning something! When they came out, they each had a little WM bag with their treats for doing such a great job. (I think it was junk C was pawning off on them. One man's trash...) This morning, even before breakfast, they're right back at it. Amazing how C can get them to do what she wants! This is the first time they've done this in weeks. I'm glad to see the fun of our new sibling coming back.
Amazingly, the fun of the year starts back up tonight! Mom's meeting for me, and karate for the big boys. Yes, Buddy is going to pull out the gee he wore probably 20 years ago or more, and have some time with Samuel. For Samuel, who was a brown belt in tae kwon do 2 years ago, this won't be such a stretch, but for the big guy, I'm anticipating the need for some herbal muscle massage! Mom is coming to stay with the other 3, which will be fun for C. As soon as the littles are down, she gets grandma all to herself! Fun all around. Oh, that's right. I'm in a serious meeting, not a fun get together! I wonder if there will be snacks... Actually, it would be best for the new families and the moms in my class if I stay away from any sugar.

Monday starts CC and scouts. Thankfully, dance is on a different night this year, and doesn't start until after Labor Day. I think I'm ready. I'm actually nervous about a new class, even if they are the sweetest, cutest group of girls you ever saw!
OK, time to start the day for real.

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Leslie said...

This was a great post. I am so bringing you CHOCOLATE on Monday...just to liven the place up - haha! I can't wait! What did the boys think of karate? Caleb liked getting to see Samuel and was surprised that two boys from his basketball team were starting up too. It should be a good white belt class :) You COULD do Tai Chi with us while they are beating people up downstairs...would give Kathrine lots of Grandma time ;o)