Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little things we've learned:
-Hannah is developing empathy for the other 3 kids. When they are in trouble and cry or go off mad about something, she'll say, "Dae Dah!" and whine and go off a little way, too. It's really funny when she does it.
-Hannah really needs to keep her routine. Last night was a blast, but we got home about an hour after her usual bed time. Even with melatonin, she was up for another hour, calling for us and crying.
-Hannah calls Buddy "Daddy" and me "Dae dah." However, if I'm not answering her when she wants, she's started calling me "Mommy."
-Hannah can now get on the big potty with little help. Does she like it? Not so much, but she gain independence and movement, which she really needs.
-She likes puzzles. I was showing her the puzzles I'd gotten at Target last week and she was really interested in them. I showed her the straight sides of the pieces and then the straight sides of the puzzle board to show her what to look for. She'd take the piece and say her version of straight and then put it in backwards. Other pieces she'd take and explain to me about the different shapes, pointing to them, and then attempt to place them. It was neat watching her try. It seemed to tire her hands, but she got the hang of using 2 hands to make it work.
-She can get Samuel to give her a kiss, something he'd never do with Catherine unless forced.

It was so nice to be with the ladies last night! I so enjoyed chatting and hearing about the coming year of CC. Laughter is such good medicine! I was encouraged to take 30 minutes a day for myself, as another friend has been telling me for over a year. I guess I'd better take that advice! Such good friends who, within certain time frames and schedules will do anything they can to help me! ;0)

Rescheduled the SW for tonight, which will be interesting. Looking forward to hearing from her what she thinks about our progress. Going to be a great day, going to do more school with happier hearts!


♥Georgie♥ said...

you have a beautiful family...

Charissa said...

Boy I wish I could have been there last night!! It sounds like it was a great time. Miss you!