Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Progress report

Isn't is amazing that 2 weeks ago, I was feeding 4 kids breakfast for the 1st time? Wow! I'm so glad we're all sleeping much better and we're getting into more of a groove. We're having our 1st post placement visit Thursday. Isn't that amazing? Sadly, it's happening right when the Urban's additions are going to be coming home. Big Bummer. I know where'd I'd rather be.

The days are getting better and we had much less conflict today. Did I mention we banned electronics for a week? All in all, a great choice. We're reading Little Britches after the littles are in bed. Good story. Samuel is getting back into Lego building and has fun taking pictures of all his creations. Good thing, too, since someone fell and broke up this masterpiece.
Hannah is doing well. When we came home, I carried her everywhere she wanted to go. I had already turned over the spoon to her, and given her sippie cups. But she wasn't able to wiggle her toes and her fingers only moved at 2 joints. I'm so pleased to say that yesterday, she wiggled all her toes. AND I'm able to move all her fingers at all 3 joints. I've been telling her to pull up her knee pads herself and praising her when she is independent. I know she can do it if I just let her. This morning she pulled her panties and scooter up to her knees, put one sock on all by herself, and pulled on both her knee pads. We were told not to let her walk on her ankles because the Dr. forbid it. However, I was looking at another blog, and the little girl seems to be very similar to Hannah. She's walking around and having a great time. Soooo... One of the fun things about Daddy coming home is that dancing around the living room and getting swung around in circles. Everyone has to have a turn (except S and I). Yesterday while we were dancing around before he came home, she stood up and was walking/dancing around, too. Today she kept walking back and forth by the couch C and I were sitting on. She's doing great, but does get tired out with it. We tried her on the big excercise ball tonight. Not so great, but it'll get better.

She often pouts and flops on the floor when she doesn't get her way, but she's learning that that is not acceptable and if I tell her to get up she will and puts a smile on her face. I know we don't understand everything she says and the rules are different here, but she's adapting very well. I do believe both the homegrown and newbie are doing better everyday.

Enjoying some Daddy time together. Not great of H, but C is such a card!
Buddy got out our little kiddie pool tonight and filled it up. It had been up for a while and need a good scrubbing, which he kindly did while I made dinner. We put the kids in while dinner was still cooking and boy did they have fun. Samuel was too big to get in at first, but soon changed his mind and had fun, too. As soon as Caleb was done eating, he scooted out the door and into the pool! I can see that this was a very timely event- it's too stinking hot to do much else.

Mom gave me a book a while back with kids' foods. Catherine has been looking through and finding some fun things to make. Today she made the bees. Sadly, I didn't have any chocolate chips in the house or slivered almonds. We were able to compromise by getting potato chips for the wings. Very tasty! We'll have to do that again. Imagine 2 chocolate stripes on the backs.

We're getting our new vehicle tomorrow! So excited about it. Just in time for a weekend in Branson. God is soooo good!


Charissa said...

I'd love to see a video of that dance.

Nan and Dan said...

Can you email me so we can "talk" aobut our girls!?!? thanks!
nancy - Gerri's mom
nkt dft @ yahoo.com

Cammie Heflin said...

When are you coming to Branson??? Maybe we can grab a bite togther!!!

Delahne said...

We'll be going Friday and coming home Sunday. The usual SDC on Saturday, church and lunch and home Sunday. Buddy invited another couple to join us, so I'm not sure my schedule. Call my cell and we'll see what we can do.