Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Georgian post

This is it! Oh, dear, the tears may start already! Squeeze those cheeks, girl.

After I calmed down, Lika came over and we waited until H had had a bit of a nap, then scooped her up for a walk around the block. I do have a stroller, but it's definetly not suited for Tbilisi streets! For that matter, it's not so hot on our sidewalk, either. I plan to make much use of it tomorrow during a 6.5 hour lay over! I'm sure it'll do much better while I'm dodging people and pulling suitcases. Actually they have carts in Amsterdam, and I intend to use one to quickly get my luggage taken care of and try to get a seat near the bathroom.

We had to exchange money back to USD, since Laris and Tetris are not so well recognized in the States. After I did it, I realized I needed to get some of those pastries I really like for our breakfast, an envelope to write a letter to H's birth mom, and to buy dinner! Thankfully, I still have about 8 Laris (or GEL) left after all was said and done.

I called home since everyone should have been up for church. Catherine and Hannah had the cutest conversation of , "Ga mar jo bat" back and forth. Hannah was so excited, and Catherine was, too.

Can you believe 3 of us ate til we were full for less than $6? I'm going to miss that machahala! Can you believe I only ate vegetable lobiani 4 times? Yes, it's true. Because we had it again for dinner tonight. H really liked it alot, and did an excellent job with her fork. I'm telling you, once you taste freedom, you never want to go back.

So, last trip to the "M" and to Goodwill for the pastries. How I wish I could find them at home! I'd eat them very often.... G is on the other side of Tbilisi, so it gave me a last chance to see the city in daylight. Trying to imprint the images forever in my mind. Crazy to think I'm leaving just like this. In a way it seems sudden even though I've been here and known the date since before I left. It's difficult to explain. Zhura says the next time I come, I'll be here for a month and explore all of Georgia. Sounds great.

When we got home from dinner, I put Hannah in the tub, only it was a small tub in the tub. She did NOT like it and started to cry. Then she calmed down until I started to wash her hair. She didn't like a washcloth, she didn't like me combing her hair, nor drying it with a blow dryer. I popped in the melatonin for her and just kept going. She has too much hair to leave it wet, especially in the a/c, which got fixed today! When she was done, I brushed her teeth and gave her a drink. I think the not sleeping thing caught up with her and she was barely hanging on sitting on the couch. However, once I laid her down, she began her fake cry. This she does until I come in, then she stops and talks. I finally went in and lay down, closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. She kept touching my hands, but within about 20 minutes, she was out! Praise the Lord!

Now, it's time to pack, but first, I had to post this last bit. I did get a phone call from my sweet friend, Shawn, who's going to be at the airport when we get home. Oh, dear, here come the tears! And another call with Buddy, and a call from our fill in translator, Nino. Can you see why it's bittersweet to leave?

Ok, I've got 6 hours to sleep before our big adventure. Love to all of you this side of the world and that. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and all that comes with it.


Charissa said...

I cannot wait to see you!! And Hannah of course!

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

God speed as you make your way home. Your so very must be a crazy mix of emotions that foster parents go thru when letting the child go. How beautiful that Hannah has been prepared for your coming and she knows your her forever mama. :D

Tamara's Mommy said...

Delahne.. I read your post and I wanted to cry. I remember our last night in Tbilisi so well. That feeling of disparately wanting to come home and yet not wanting to leave Tbilisi. The excitement of starting our new life in the states and the sadness of taking our daughter away from such an amazing homeland. Wondering what more we could have done? Have we forgotten anyone? Are we leaving someone behind? I always felt as if we had? :o(
I had to laugh with your bed time ritual. I too had to pretend to fall asleep.. sometimes I did and my husband would wake me so I could work on my blog.
I wish you a non eventful trip home. It not going to be easy being alone on the way home. Our daughter cried once for about 5 minutes. On a flight. I went to check out the bathrooms before taking her. As soon as I left my husband said she started to cry. She didn't understand where I was going and thought I had left. Someday when she's older we'll laugh I'm sure. Where does she think Mama was going to disappear to at 30,000 ft? lol
I don't know if you'll have time to read this before you leave but in the event you do? Take my advice befriend the flight attendants at the airports and on flight. Most airlines are very adoption friendly. If they know.. they will help you when you need an extra hand or perhaps someone to watch her for a few minutes so you can take a 5 minute private potty break if need be. Also if you're carrying Hannah remember that the larger planes tend to have their rest rooms downstairs ask if there's an alternative. I would think there should be.
Please continue to post. I know it will be the last thing on your mind when you get home but we'd love to follow Hannah's progress.
Gods speed home ... Bon Voyage.
God Bless