Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What an interesting day we had today. First of all, both H and C woke up dry! Then, Hannah spent a great deal of the day crying over little things- not a serious cry, but an "are you paying attention to me" cry. Of course, I was and she brightened when I paid attention to her.
She got to try out the trampoline. At first, she was really concerned about the movement, but her 3rd time on she was having a good time.
I finally heard a real laugh from her today when I tickled her! Music to my ears.
I've been doing PT with her almost every day. She hasn't been able to bend her fingers at the joint closest to her palm. Today, I was able to bend her index finger. Not all the way, but significantly more. So thankful for these improvements.
Tonight when we had dinner, Caleb ate broccoli. He never eats broccoli, so this is very exciting. I remember when Samuel started eating broccoli and couldn't get enough of it. May this be a trend that continues. Not sure if it was hunger or Hannah eating everything, but I don't care.
Now, it's 10 and I have 2 girls not asleep yet, and Caleb was up 2 hours after I put him to bed. 2 nights without melatonin. Maybe tomorrow night EVERYONE will get some .

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heavenbound said...

I finally logged into your blogspot and how fun it is to get caught up on all your family's excitement. Jill