Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amazing to think how little time has gone by, but how "normal" our life is now. We've gotten into a little routine that seems to be working so far. Catherine is in charge of dressing Hannah and doing her hair. I am in charge of breakfast and getting everyone fed. H likes to brush her teeth, but C is ready to help her as much as possible (I finish up). We've spent the mornings playing around and doing some little cleaning projects. Hannah is all over the house, bringing us things to help our cleaning, and just tasting her freedom. We got some knee pads that seem to work well for her- a titch big, but really workable. Lunch is pretty simple (she's still fast friends with her fork and spoon, but is fine if I take her plate away while there's still some food on it), followed by Caleb going down for a nap with a little snuggle time, then I get H for her nap with a little song, a "chu mad" (be quiet) and signing sleep. "Ho," she'll say and sign sleep back to me, followed by a bit of silence, some calling, a reminder from me to be quiet, then shortly after that she'll go to sleep.
An hour later, after I've had a little time with S and C, I wake C and H up for the rest of the day. Yesterday, we went swimming at the Y, which was a lot of fun. Sadly, I'd been wearing the maternity suit I'd worn when I was pregnant with Caleb and it felt apart. A quick run to Walmart to get one, which I never tried on, and back to the Y. Just in case it wouldn't work, I stayed on the side to cheer on C and H's bravery in the water and knit. They liked their life jackets, and each found the things they like to do. Buddy took H down a little slide, which was a lot of fun. I wasn't sure if she would enjoy it, but it went well. They had fun watching S and C go down the big slide, and going around the lazy river. 2 hours later, it was time for home and dinner. Dinner and baths, then C down for bed with some snuggle time. It's been a little different now that I'm home. He doesn't really want to go to bed without plenty of snuggle time with Daddy. Then Hannah gets melatonin, some snuggles, a song, "chu mad" and signing sleep, and she's out quickly. Some time with the big kids, them down to bed, then Buddy and I are asleep shortly after. Seriously, we are pretty wiped after all that.
Today, we braved church as a family of 6. 2 vehicles, since there's room for 5 max in either Buddy's or mine. We weren't any later than we have been with just 5 people, so good for us! Hannah stayed with us in big service, and did really well considering we forgot to bring toys for her. It's not that she isn't used to sitting for long periods of time, it's no books to look at or crayons and paper to color with. I took C and sent the biggest and littlest home with Buddy. Funny story on their way home- H started to say "peeshi, peeshi" and Buddy had to find somewhere to stop. She kept saying it and C started saying, "don't say that word" with the most disgusted look on his face! Pit stop taken care of, and all was well.
I must say it was nice to have little girl time with little Miss today. Only an hour, but I enjoyed it. I think that is going to be essential to keep the transition going smoothly- finding time to keep things somewhat as they used to be, and making sure everyone has their special time with us. It also helps us to focus our attention and keep our connection.
Whole Foods had a southwestern vegetable pie, and I was so excited! Until I tasted it. Nothing can compare to #12, I'm sure.
H is responding to her name almost all the time, and we never call her Natia anymore. We only have the slight grasp of Georgian I had when I came home, but we seem to get our point across, get her points, and if not, she doesn't seem frustrated with us. She gets very excited with anyone who comes to our door. She wanted to get kisses on the lips from some new, sweet friends. It's such a delicate balance for me not to offend my friends and to help H learn her boundaries and proper attachment. Plus the whole germ thing...
I'm thinking about a welcome home party next weekend, with very little prep work on my part, lol. At this point, Sam's veggie and fruit trays sound perfect. We'll have a good time getting to see friends again.
I put one of Evan's diapers on Caleb last night and cried again. If you want to pass on words of encouragement to the Hauflers, leave a comment, and I'll share with them.
One last silly note. When flushing in Georgia, the amount of time you hold down equals the amount of water that flows. I haven't stopped holding the handle down when I flush here. I catch myself everytime and STILL haven't stopped.

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Alice said...

Sounds like you are finding your balance. Good job! Praying for your adjustment.