Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For Catherine

miss these silly munchkins! This was last year, but it's so cute!
By the way, the TSA website said anything necessary for a needlepoint project was allowed, except for the looping scissors. Guess they don't want anything that could cut off someones' finger.
Thanks, Rhonda for the information. I'm looking forward to getting her home and adjusted so we can start looking into options.
Mary- you would so enjoy the food! The people are very kind, the architecture and history are amazing. The lack of a/c is a drawback, but who cares in the middle of this great experience!


Mary said...

Lol I always bring knitting on flights - even though they sometimes kick up rough about the size 1 knitting needles, given that they're so thin and skewer-like. At that point I just do some sweet-talking to get them in :-P

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

all 4 of your kiddo's are beauties. I remember so well that longing for my kids at home..won't be long now till your all together again. :)