Friday, July 23, 2010

Neat nik

Ok, truth be told, there are more piles of paper on my desk than desk peeking through. There are still travel remnants that need to be taken care of, and my children don't always pick up after themselves. I'll graciously leave Buddy out of this. Anyway, enter Hannah. The girl who only likes her crayons to be taken out one at a time, and replaced with the writing tip up. She comes to me from who knows where, with a lego piece, a piece of fuzz, a piece of paper, a shoe, letting me know they need to be taken care of. However, she brought a bunch of blocks into our room and left them. Been a great diversion for her while I blog. ;)
Today, she found a pencil box of Catherine's that has rubber stamps and ink. Funny thing is, Caleb wanted to play, too. But Hannah, ever so patiently said to him, "Cala, ah rah, ah rah."

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Tamara's Mommy said...

How cute. Hannah and Tamara could start a house keeping service. Must be a Georgian trait? Or maybe a baby house one? Either way.. it's a good thing. As long as she doesn't become obsessive compulsive about it. Tamara has learned to live and let live although she prefers things tidy still.
I think when we first bring them home they so want to please and they really don't know what is expected of them. It takes about a year I think? Then they relax a bit more. I didn't realize our daughter was walking on egg shells that first year until she told me later on. Now we laugh about it. She's more comfortable in our house then I am. Seriously.. she thinks she owns the place. lol