Friday, July 2, 2010

we're on our way, kind of...

We boarded our plane an hour + after we were supposed to leave. Only to stay on the tarmac for 2 hours, went back to the gate, only to turn around and take off. Our 1 hour 10 minute flight took 1.5 hours, landing 2 hours after we were supposed to leave on our flight to Amsterdam. Only one flight per day, but only a flight every other day to ROG from Amsterdam. So, we get to spend a day in Houston, and a day in Amsterdam. With all our luggage. Boy, howdy, this is interesting. Sadly, our plan was to meet Hannah the 4th, court on the 5th. We won't get there until the afternoon of the 5th. Unless we can find something tonight to get us out a different way tomorrow.
Please pray that we can find something. I know God's hand is on us, and I'm believing it's all going to turn out.
In the mean time, we're pretending we're having a little get away.

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Charissa said...

:( Oh Delahne. We are praying!! Would it be worth calling Golden Rule Travel? They really helped the Whites in a pinch when their passports got stolen. They still managed to get here in time for court. Ask for Hans or Elden. (888) 950-3273. or 620-665-5054