Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well, sort of found. I went to the airport this morning to get my stroller. However, I was the first person this guy had ever had come back for one. So, when he couldn't find mine, he gave me another one. I didn't even ask about the passports, because I was sure I had misplaced them somewhere at home.
We ran several errands, came home, had lunch, put the little kids down for naps, started spelling, and got a phone call. The nice lady had been on medical leave and had had 2 passports on her desk for over a week and was just now getting to call me. Thank you, Jesus! So, after naps were done, we went back to the airport for the passports.
(Now for that library book and walkie-talkie.)
Yesterday I noticed it a few times, but much more today- Hannah is singing! I really think she's relaxing and feeling at home more. I don't have any idea what the song is, but she's quite content when she's doing it. More at home, too, in that she still brings me things to take care of, but she feels free to leave the toys she's played with all over the floor!
Also found, a solution to our space issues. Buddy had a friend come over last night to see about enclosing our porch to make a school/play room! Been needing that for a while, and so hated asking for it. Don't know when it'll happen, but it's sometime in the near future.

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♥Georgie♥ said...

let me know when you figure out the library book issue but so glad you found your passports