Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We had another great day yesterday. Starting at 6:30 am, and we didn't have anywhere to go until 1 pm. Seemed like a long morning, but then again, I was able to chronicle in our novel the events of our travels.

There is a great little restaurant that we have gone to 2 times now. The khachpuri is really good, so we had to have it again. The spinach ball/eggplant dish calls to us as well. They had a dessert that had apricots, white nectarine, and grapes. Not too sweet, warm and yummy. I tried a dish that had calliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, and something else in a dressing. Buddy tried some kind of chicken patty with french fries. The sauce had fruit and some really nice spices in it. We forgot to take pictures.

Then it was back to visit Hannah. We had a little time while waiting for Nini, our social worker, and visited a Russian Orthodox church. It's very interesting in there. Growing up Protestant, I've not been around things like this, and it made me really think. It's kind of like any other religion that's not yours- you can see some merit to it, but at the same time, if it takes away from Jesus being the way, the truth and the light, it's devotion and reverence in another direction that will not lead you to the Father. We weren't allowed to take pictures, so let me describe it. There are little old ladies at the entrance to the church, begging for coins. The churches all seem to have trees around, and are really peaceful places. Inside you'll find more little old ladies, selling candles, religious cards, collecting money, etc. All around the walls are pictures of saints, some with really ornate leafing (?) on the pictures. They don't have any chairs, and all the women have a covering of some sort on their heads. People of all ages are there, and they appeared to be deeply devoted. In fact, people will stop near the church and cross themselves.

Nini met us and we were on our way again. New driver today, and another adventure trying to find Hannah's house. Nini takes the bus, usually, and knows it's the last stop, then to look for the tree and the tank at the park. It's on a street that is short and no one knows where it is.

Hannah was inside today, sitting in her chair, waiting for us. One of the other children was crying because he'd heard all day that H's mommy and daddy were coming. He wanted HIS mommy and daddy to come, too. Irma is in the process of adopting him, but it's not as exciting.

Praise the Lord, she's potty trained and can tell them when she needs to use the restroom. She likes a little potty, and doesn't want to sit on a big one. This could be interesting until we get home. Her hair was in a french braid, and they quickly changed her into a cute little outfit. Catherine actually has the same shirt, although in a much bigger size.
Irma was just putting the other children down for a nap, but since we'd taken gifts for Nika, she let us go in and share them with him. She took him out of crib, which is like a pack and play, and sat him on the couch. He kept reaching for me and hugging me, so I finally put him on my lap so we could really snuggle. He would pull my face close, so our noses were almost touching, then push me away. Over and over. I started rubbing noses with him, which he really enjoyed. What he didn't enjoy is when I would lean forward to get one of his gifts from the Fox family. Evidently, he wasn't ready to be put back down. It was sweetest thing to hold him and snuggle. My heart was full of love and overwhelmed thinking that the love we showed him was just a tiny bit of what the Foxes feel for him. I do so hope it won't be long before they'll be able to be in our place.

Nini said Hannah was a bit jealous because we were showing Nika attention and not her. Buddy was quick to spend time with her. I do believe he's smitten! She really is sweet and cute. Her eyes are so full of expression, it's a pleasure just to watch how animated she can get. The car ride to the Dr's office didn't bother her at all. It was a bit challenging to hold onto her as we swerved around potholes. The Dr. was very kind, and very good with Hannah. She was curious about everything, and when he was writing things down, she asked to have his pen and write, too. We have her first art work, which we'll treasure. After a quick check up, nothing of which was surprising to us, she had to get blood drawn. Not fun. They had to take from her hand, because they couldn't find a good vein in her arm. She cried (we weren't in there), but when the nurse asked if H was angry with her, she gave her a kiss and said it was fine. Normally, she takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day- just when we were at the Dr's, so she was exhausted when we finished, especially after the needle trauma. She went right to Buddy and snuggled with him until the car came for us. The Dr wanted a picture, which we didn't have, so we thought we could take her home, let her rest, and then do it this morning. She was resting so nicely on me, I thought she'd go to sleep and we wouldn't have to bother her anymore. Change of plans and we had to find a picture place. The picture is soooo sad! She could barely sit up and keep her head up. We waited a bit, got the picture, then took her home. Another adventure finding her house.

Irma is a really gracious woman, always very kind, offering us drinks and wanting to visit. We got to be facebook friends so I can pass on pictures and updates of H. I'm sure it's got to be sad to think of this transition.
When we left, we were able to see some amazing sights, thanks to Lika, and did quite a bit of walking. Flip flops are not the best thing to wear when you're climbing through construction, up hills and then steep steps to the top of a castle wall. It was worth it.

That wall in the far back of the picture is where we're headed.

At the end of the day, we got to see the new Haufler family! It was so sweet to see them walking up the street holding Evan. Awesome sight. Great dinner again, and good times talking. We were ready to get back to our apartment and rest after a full day. (Didn't I say it seemed like the morning was so long? Once we got going, we never stopped.) We keep thinking about Buddy going back tomorrow and how it's too short! We did try to find another flight for him to change to, but it appears that will not happen. I think I'm going to be a little bored until H is able to be with me. I'd like to get through some of the running around at the embassy before I get her, but we'll see.

My camera battery is almost dead, and I think I left the charger at home. However, I do have a back up that will work, and that charger is with me.
We're going to be going to visiting again this morning, sight seeing and souvinir shopping, meeting the attorney for power of attorney papers, since Buddy is going home. I'm sure it'll be another fun day.


soontobemomof9 said...

Hannah is beautiful!!! What an exciting and long overdue time!!! Congratulations!!

And little Levi, oh how I pray his time for family comes soon!! I know alyshas heart won't be while till she's holding him!!!

Mary said...

Wow, those stairs you're climbing up at the end look REALLY scary! They're so steep that it makes me nervous just looking at them :-P

That pic of Hannah in the cafe is too funny! She is so ready for naptime :-P

Leslie said...

I love reading all of this and am so excited for you guys.

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

What a great day! She looks like she's enjoying getting to have time with you guys :) She's a very beautiful little lady..& those eye lashes! So precioius! Love the pictures of Nika..His character reminds me very much of our Eli..just a little love bug, all mushy & easy to hug :D Praying one day to hold him close..