Friday, July 16, 2010

I forgot to mention that when we were visiting Lika's grandma yesterday, she asked when I'd be coming back so she could prepare for it. How terrible that she had nothing prepared for us. I told her I'd make sure Lika knew and then she could pass it on. She said she'd probably be dead by then. The only thing that didn't hurt was her tongue! Funny lady!

After almost 1.5 hours of "Dad dah" last night, Hannah finally went to sleep. I gave up and went in with her because I was so tired. I'm sure it's a lot noisier here than at Irma's with traffic going by until very late at night. At 7 am, she was wide awake, with a big smile on her face. She was ready to start the day! I made her breakfast and started to feed her, then thought I'd see what she was able to do on her own. She finished with minimal help! She remembered brusing her teeth and was very excited to do it again. She was ready to put the clothes on the Irma had sent and was hesitant to go potty again. I changed her and didn't push the potty.

I decided I'd better figure out what I have aquired and what needs to go home with us. If any of her clothes didn't fit, I was going to leave them for Nini to take to the orphanage. I tried one outfit on her and it fit! Judging from its size, all the others will work! They are 4T and 5T, but her pj's were 3T and fit just fine. A little tight around the belly, but not bad. (Irma told her yesterday that she needed to lose her weight and be like me!) I let her try on a sweater and she didn't want to take it off. I put things back in the wardrobe before Lika came and she didn't want me to put it away. I promised she'd get it again.
Lika came at 10, but we were having such a good time, and Hannah was behaving very nicely. We actually were doing well without matching languages. We tried out the stroller, which is not designed for 4-wheeling through the streets of Tbilisi, but it did ok. We found a cake shop, that was pretty empty of cakes, but did have some cute board books in Georgian. On the way back, we found a bakery and bought some lobiani for lunch.
Once we got home and Hannah was sitting in the kitchen area, we could not get her distracted very easily from the bananas! (By the way, pineapple is ananas, and bananas are banani.) Irma said to have her wait 4 hours between meels, or it's not good for her, so we had to work hard to stretch it out. She didn't want to be bothered with this beautiful book with the colorful animals in it, she wanted banani! Lika tried, but it wasn't going well. Finally, I thought it had been long enough, and with the help of the grandma downstairs who brought tomatoes, cucumbers, fried potatoes (like french fries,) and some sort of meat, she had her banani as well as a plate full of all those good things and some lobiani. I cut some things with a fork and she reached for it. She proceeded to eat the whole meal with very little assistance from me- just showing her how to "stab" her food, or scoop it. But she did all the work. Every last bite on her plate. You could tell she was tired, but she wouldn't give up! Won't that translate beautifully in the world of PT, OT, and speech therapy?
She was ready to sleep after lunch, and so I took her. Then it started all over- dae dah.... dae dah....DAE DO!!! I sat with my legs showing in the doorway so she'd know I was there. Fast forward 1.5 hours and she's finally asleep! Sadly, we have to wake her in an hour to head for the Embassy. Once there, we'll get our visa and be completely finished with paperwork.
I am going to take her back to Irma's for tonight and pick her up again before naps. I want her to have a little more time with them, but also have had a chance to get used to me. We'll get to practice nap time and night time 2 more times each before we're off in the plane!
Off to knit while I wait...


Mary said...

That's a great idea to have trial runs of nap time and night time before adding the whole trying-to-sleep-on-a-plane thing. Lol I can relate to the (lack of) sleeping...yesterday I was babysitting a 4yo who was SO excited about the board game that we had been playing that she didn't want to nap! After 20 minutes spent actually getting her to *stay* in her bed (she kept popping up to say hi, or kiss her baby brother, or ask if I was going to be there when she got up), she spent an hour talking to herself in bed, then got up and told me that she couldn't possibly sleep because (and I quote) "my neck itches." First time I've ever heard that one!

Charissa said...

Hannah sounds amazing Delahne! What a smart and capable girl she is. Won't it be fun to see her reach her God-given potential with her family cheering her on. Beautiful post.

Tamara's Mommy said...

Delahne.. Hannah will catch up very quickly. Our daughter at age 3-1/2 has 18 month clothing dripping off of her. I kept her in pull ups for the first year . She was fully potty trained but didn't have a tushie. All her pants were falling off so we needed padding. Ours put on a pound a month and grew an inch every two months. Now she's an age appropriate 5T. It's like watching your child grow in time lapse photography. So take lots and lots of pictures and video. Seriously you won't believe how quickly she will change now that you have her. ;o)
Oh before I forget I told Tamara about Hannah and she wants to say Hi to her. Maybe after you get settled at home we can Skype and let the girls say hi to each other? Who knows maybe they were friends at one time? Stranger things have happen. Continue to enjoy Tbilisi. I must say my husband and I have traveled to pretty much every corner of the world at some point in our lives and we both agree our trip to Tbilisi is by far our favorite. A magical place it's hard to explain .. you'll see when you come home after a while you'll miss it and it's wonderful people. So enjoy.. take it all in. ;o)

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

I've was gone all last week-end & have been poping in & out of your blog the last few days plyaing catch up :D
I love the cat who might speak Georgian :) Can't wait to see Nika moving about in his walker! Your trip sounds so full of adventure! I love it!! Hannan sounds like she's already feeling right at home with you,and I just love that she chose to spend her time with you instead of the pool. That would of made my day! & the knitting? Something else to envy of you! I've always wanted to learn how...You make it sound so enjoyable that I'm going to sign up for a class at one of the art supply stores here to take it with my girls. :D
I was curious about what language was spoken in Irma's home? Read that it's Gorgian..So glad I too already have the Survial Gorgian book :D Robin told me both Georgian & Russian are spoken..I guess so, cause "baca" is good-bye in Russian. :D
Well, just want you to know this family is praying for girls :D How exciting that soon you'll be home with your Whole family :)
Blessing friend, Alysha