Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just had a moment of panic. I know my flight is for the 19th, but when I was reading the Haufler's blog, their calendar had the 19th on the spot I know as Sunday. The thought of having missed my flight and not being able to see my family when I thought was so overwhelming, I burst into tears. Quick look at tickets, it says Monday. More tears. So much to get through before this is over.
The Lord is my strength, and His grace is sufficient.
Missing my friend Alicia, who rescued me from 2 very white hairs while waiting at the hospital. Know they're relying on the Lord's strength as well.
By the way, the a/c died, so only street noise and the sounds of the people downstairs cleaning something in their yard until about 12:30 am was our lullaby. She most likely only lay quietly until I went to bed and wouldn't stop until after midnight, then up by 7. Strength!
At least today she was able to occupy herself while I did other things and would stop calling for me. So nice to see her making up her own activity and not having to constantly have me present. Makes taking a shower a lot easier! Having a lot of testing going on today. Ineresting times.

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