Monday, July 26, 2010

One week home

This post has nothing to do with that, but here it is, a week later. To think, I was somewhere close to Memphis this time last Monday, sooo looking forward to being done with travel for a while.
We did have a Pediatrician visit this morning with some great referrals. Mom came to watch the other 3 while I took her. The latch on my rear gate is broken, and I shouldn't be opening it and that's where the double stroller is, the single stroller is still at the airport, and so I carried her. I really like my Ped. He's such a sweet man, and very gentle with our children. We got a referral to a developmental specialist for chronic conditions, an orthopedic surgeon, and a therapy center. Thankfully, the therapy place is just 3 miles away from our house. I have to call the ortho guy, but the others will call me. I'm so excited to see what therapy will do for her! She is a pound for every inch, and is just a few inches taller than Caleb.

We need to figure out birth certificate and social security for her, which I'm working on today. All things that must be done, but I would rather be just relaxing with the family.
Last night we were having pizza and Caleb wanted another piece. I told him I'd give him a little piece, and he said, "Hello, little piece!" He's having some challenges being sweet today, but I've noticed he and H both have runny noses. Too many kisses, shared sippy cups, and not enough sleep. Which is another reason to be home with the fam.

However, H is showing that she remembers signs, because she signed cry when Caleb was recovering from not nice behavior. She also knows please, eat, and sleep. She called me mommy today. I know it's really cute to hear Dae dah, but it'll make it a little easier for Caleb to understand. An interesting thing to note is that baby toys (12-18 months) are fascinating to her, and she really works to figure them out. She gets really excited when she does. Also, she doesn't understand imaginative play. Caleb and I took some of Catherine's Webkinz and were going to play with them. She had no idea what to do while we played. I'm sure she'll get the hang of it quickly.

One thing I didn't talk to the Dr about is how every time H eats or drinks, not matter how much or little, she burps. It makes me think of the book "Borya and the Burps," but I'm not sure if it's cultural (which I didn't certainly didn't experience while there) or something with not being able to eat/drink right. It doesn't look like she knows how to drink out of anything but a bottle. Even a sippy cup is a challenge. Speech may be in the future for us as well.

Had a nice visit with a smaller version of the Urbans. So looking forward to seeing the whole gang. Late and short naps with the little ones, so we'll see how tonight goes. Got some cream from my friend, Denise, that I'm going to try tonight. Magnesium. Very interesting.

Here's to another great week and even more good things coming our way.

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Nan and Dan said...

We adopted a 6 yr old with arthro from UA. We have been home 4 months now. PT has done wonders!! As has swimming!! Good Luck!!