Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is a great time of the day for me- not that I'm sitting alone in an apartment, 6,000 miles from home. But, I get to look at pictures from the day, remembering what a great time I've had and how good God is to me. I also got to talk to my mom, Caleb, Buddy, and my friend Leslie.

I woke before 7 this morning, which is crazy for a Georgian, and I am becoming a good Georgian. I have eaten kinkali and khachapuri like Georgians, and today I crossed a street like one! That in itself is an amazing feet. The way to drive, especialy when you want to turn across traffic, is to nose out into the lane and keep going slowly until people eventually stop for you. If you see pedestrians, don't stop unless you're sure there's no chance you can avoid hitting them. I didn't get hit, but the 2nd time wasn't as good and the third time I help Lika's hand so she could help me know when to go.

I was able to chat with my long time friend, Kristi, this morning, because she's a night owl. So much fun catching up! but then I had to get serious about getting ready for the day.

This morning when we got to Hannah's, we had to leave almost immediately to get her picture taken. We could either take Hannah there ourselves, or wait days to get it arranged. They only needed her picture, not her presence for anything, which was very easily done. (She did so much better this time when we were in the car. 2 factors- I wasn't holding as tightly, and it wasn't nap time) Nini told me today that Bidzinia, the Social Services Agency attorney, is doing nothing but working on our case. Last night, Giorgi was apologizing that he is not able to devote 100% of his attention on our case. I told him that while he did what he needed to do, God would be working on our behalf. Sure enough, He was!

We took Hannah home and stayed with her about 2.5 hours total. I got to feed her again. The more I watch, I'm sure it's a combo orphanage eating habits and teeth problems. Both can be taken care of. She again chose to forego the pool in order to be with me. She discovered my Lip Saver and so perfectly signed "Please" so I would reapply over and over.She sure didn't want to go for a nap - she was going to stay and color with me!

Back to #12 for lunch so I could get my vegetable pie and green salad.
It didn't disappoint, and today Lika tried it for the first time. She liked it, too! I got to introduce HER to new foods. ;) There is a game older men like to play in the park- not sure the name of it, but it involves dice and moving pieces around a board. Some play for money, as these 2 gentlemen were doing in #12, but I think most do it for fun. They have some pretty fancy dice rolling moves.As we were leaving we called to check on Evan, and felt we should meet them at the hospital, however, they were on their way back to very near where we were for chocolate shake therapy.
Please continue your prayers. They have some answers and are trusting God to work out details, as He has already begun to do.

After spending time with the Hauflers and seeing God, once again, come through in time of need, we decided to go to the sea. The Tbilisi Sea. It's a much cleaner lake than Turtle Lake, but Lika still didn't want to go down. It was crowded, but I was so hopeful to at least put my feet in the water. In fairness to her, she is suffering from a terrible reaction to a mosquito bite on her foot. It's red and swollen. I feel badly for her, but she says she fine and keeps on going.

Right next to the sea is a Memorial called The History of Georgia. This is my attempt at using a self-timer while the camers is on my backpack. It's a really impressive Memorial.It was started 2 or 3 years ago (I understood that in Georgian) and parts are still under construction. The bottom has a scene from the Bible, and the middle is one of their kings or heroes. I fogot to ask what was on top.On the way to dinner at Nicala, which is the name of Robin's favorite restaurant, I talked to Giorgi. It does look like everything will indeed work for coming home Monday. Such a rush of emotions- we're almost done! I need to buy Hannah's ticket. I get to see the rest of my family! Oh, no! I'm leaving these great people and this great land! I'm reallly going to miss my new family. Robin told me my translator would become like my best friend. I have to agree.

Tomorrow, we'll pick up Hannah, go get the adoption cert., new birth cert, and a passport. Such important things will be accomplished. Huge thanks to God, Giorgi, and Bidzinia.

Have a great day!


soontobemomof9 said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl! Loving that you are together at last! God's timing is rarely early, but never late huh?!

Tamara's Mommy said...

Hi... You don't know me but you will I'm sure. First I'd like to say Congratulations on your adoption of Hannah. I've been following your progress for over 2 years and I am absolutely thrilled that you're in The ROG. Yay!!! You see we were one of the last families to adopt before the Russian invasion and the reorganization. Our daughter is now 5-1/2 and doing very well. She's a sweetheart. Now that your adoption is well under way and everything is in place I thought we needed to connect. It's been killing me not to contact the few families that I know are in process and got tied up in the political situation there.
Anyway... I wanted you to know that Hannah will have other little Georgian children to keep in touch with. We are on the East coast.. there are several families that keep in touch. Facebook is a huge help. We have also teamed up with a not for profit and continue to raise funds for the children of Baby House # 1 in Tbilisi. We hope to be able to connect the dots if you will and organize as many families as possible so the children have a true connection to each other.. their culture and develop a true sense of pride for who they are and where they came from.
In the future we hope to also organize trips. Family vacations to Disney and when the children are old enough to appreciate and retain more. We'd like to take them back to their native land for vacation. An opportunity to reconnect with their motherland. Just a few things to think about.
I'd also like to make myself available should you need any information / advise / or just need to talk ;o) I know you're experienced parents but you may find you need a friend who has walked this path before you. We're here if you need us.
On a lighter note. OMG has Hannah grown. WOW... she is amazing. Such a beautiful little girl. We're so so happy for you, Hannah and your entire family. Such a magical time. Didi Madloba for letting us follow along.
I have yet to catch up on your blog.. but I will. Looks like you're in good hands. Continue to enjoy your stay. Document every moment.. it goes so quickly and these magical moments will become forever embedded in your heats and minds.
Wishing you God's Speed home with your little Hannah. ;o)
Best Always
Lee .... Tamara's Mommy

Leslie said...

Again, I love all your pictures and your recap of the day. Are you going to be able to make these Georgian meals when you return home? I am thinking you are getting addicted ;o)