Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cars, sleeping, and adjustments

The last time I drove a car was July 1st, I believe. The last time (before I arrived home on the 19th) I was in the front seat of a car was the 2nd. Yesterday, I had to take our adoption papers into the insurance place, and I drove myself. I almost drove on the wrong side of the little loop going out of our neighborhood! Thankfully, no one else was around and that was my only driving error. Today, I took C and H to the dentist in Tulsa. There was a (sad to say) lady driver in front of me who drove like a Georgian! She straddled that middle line like a true veteran of Tbilisi. Good memories. It's nice to drive, but it's really nice to be home and not drive anywhere.

Sleeping. Where do I begin? Of course, the first night was terrible. The second night was slightly better, although it took a bit for her to get quiet. Both girls slept til after 9. I didn't let Hannah take a nap yesterday so she'd be good and tired. It still took til after 9 pm to finally stop talking, then she woke before 5, asking for water and the potty, which woke C, then talking until 7. I tried to just let her talk to herself and show her it wasn't time for the world to be moving yet. Finally, I got in the shower, since I couldn't get back to sleep. When I got out, both girls were back to sleep. Today I let Hannah be in bed 1 hour, sleeping or not, and woke her up. I know she is used to her mid-day rest, but I need bed time to be more peaceful for both girls. Catherine is exhausted and cried if you looked at her funny today. So, tonight, melatonin was again put into action, the door was shut by Catherine, the night light on, and quiet within about 20 minutes. That my friends is a miracle! Is it the formula? That is the question of the day.

As far as adjustments go, I think it's the biggest for me. Juggling 4 children who are all quite vocal about needs, who are all showing the changes are touching them in one way or another, all on much less sleep than I need. Today, I got ready to go to the dentist only to find we'd left the stroller at the airport, leaving me no choice but the double stroller, and Buddy hadn't taken the car seat out of his truck, so I only had one. I went to the wrong dentist, after unloading the stroller, getting both kids in, fighting through the door, and standing in line. Back out the door (thankfully, someone held it for me), unload the kids, pack up the stroller, down the road a mile, unload the kids, go through 2 sets of doors, fill out the forms, only to find out they wouldn't take Hannah yet. At least we found out Caleb's teeth are great, no damage from all his falls, and Hannah got to see what happens for her trip.

Catherine loves her sister, and wants to do everything for her, even carrying her around. She's not that much bigger than H! Her only thing is getting some sleep.
Samuel loves her, too. He just has other things to do, but when he is with her, he's very sweet and protective of her.
Caleb has done amazingly well, although he has had a few a moments when he was done sharing his toys. He talks so sweetly to her and told her yesterday when she was acting sad about something, "It's ok, you're not going anywhere. You're home."
Hannah, and this is just honesty, had been hitting, kicking, scratching, pinching, sticking out her tongue at me, and asking Lika to hit me for her when I would tell her not to do something. The majority of the time, she was as sweet as can be, but I'm pretty sure she didn't have many limits before. Yesterday, when I told her she couldn't do something, she only stuck her tongue out once, and barely kicked at me. A stern look and "ah rah" were enough to take care of it. her talking back times are mostly gone. She used to not be able to be out of my sight for any length of time without calling for me constantly, and only moving around when I moved her around from one sitting place to another. Now, she gets all over the house on her knees, will come over and say, "Baca" and take off to go explore the house. She used to be very loud when you'd touch her, not a laugh, not a yell. I'm trying to decide if it was the only way she got response, or that she didn't know how to respond to loving touch. Now, I'm hearing a little laugh and she allows me to touch her gently. Interestingly, some friends came over yesterday and she responded to them similarily to the way she first did to me. She was asleep last night within 20 minutes!

I'd say the Lord is good to us.


Charissa said...

Glad to see an update this morning! Can't wait to see you. How does Monday sound?

Delahne said...

Come on over!

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Funny how with everything new (for all of you) life just has this way of moving on :) Sounds like everyone is settling in & soon all the newness of Hannah will be old news & once again sleep will be a sweet reality :)

Kristi Beers said...

Awe man I want to come! Why did you people have to all leave the country when I came to town???

Delahne said...

Come on back in about 2 weeks, and we'll have a BIG reunion, Kristi!