Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is right outside my kitchen window.

We'll start this post with a little foreign travel humor. We were told to travel light, with things we could wear in short cycles. We also had limited luggage and limited weight, which I preferred to be things to give. Our apartment has a washer, and I was shown a few nights ago how to use it, in Georgian. I thought I remembered which lights were on on the machine, so I could replicate when I needed it. So, last night after a great day, the first things I did, as usual was call home, talk for a bit in the sauna, then get all my clothes together to wash. I waited a day too long, and had no extra essential clothing left. No problem, because the washer would finish before I went to bed, then I'd hang the clothes up and they'd be dry in the morning. Only the numbers for time kept going back and forth, more and then less time, then more. While I was waiting, I decided to paint my nails, something I rarely do at home. Honestly, within one minute of finishing the painting, they were dry. That's how hot it was. Goodness! I was ready for bed, so I decided to check if I woke during the night. I did, but the door wouldn't open. I tried everything I knew, but it still didn't work. Back to bed I went to deal with it after a full night's sleep. I forgot at first, when I woke up, that I needed to do anything. There were still 3 hours until the driver came for me to visit Hannah, so it would be fine. However, when I went to open it, the only thing I could do was restart the washer, which still had water in it! My clothes had been sitting in water all night, and now had to go through the entire cycle, which I think will take at last one hour, and hope they can dry in 2 hours, or I'm stuck here with no unmentionables! No one wakes this early, and Lika doesn't know how to use our machine, so I just have to wait it out.

Ok, back up to what we did yesterday. Sunday, the Lord's day. The 2nd one I've not been in church. I sat in my a/c bedroom and listened to a sermon while I waited and knitted. Talking about thanking the Lord before we see anything, showing our gratitude, which is actually faith that He'll do what He says He'll do, will cause things to happen for us. We shouldn't wait until we see it to be thankful. Doing that shows you don't really trust Him to come through. Wouldn't it be terrible to treat people like that? How much worse our Father?

This is a statue that tells one of their stories. A panther and a man were fighting each other and were both killed. The mothers came together and cried of each of their children's graves. The moral of the story, according to me, is- don't fight with panthers! But for Georgians, it shows that Georgians love all children, even those of their enemies.

The Hauflers gave me some AAA batteries, so my video camera was working again! We spent from about 10:45 to 12:45 with Hannah. She really likes to color, and wants me to do it with her. However, she always has to show me how to do it better. I try to get her to do as much as possible, so we take turns- I'll draw some, then she draws. I think it'll be good for her hands. I tried to hold her hand, but anytime someone touches her hands, she thinks it's to slap them- giving 5 as hard as she can. Irma is doing a nice job making sure we have time alone, and keeping the other children busy so we aren't disturbed. I wished I'd taken a picture, but a neighbor girl was over and in the pool with Ilio, while Nika was in a tub right next to them. He really likes the water, but not all the splashing and rough-housing that goes on. Very sweet. Even though you could tell Hannah was looking at the pool and wishing she was in there with the boys, she said, when asked, that she wanted to stay with me.

We look at our pictures everyday, pointing out family members, learning their names. She has some difficulty saying our names, but that will come. I told her Mommy and Daddy today, and she said them very well, looking at appropriate pictures. I count with her, name shapes and colors, and carry on a conversation in English. She always says "bah bo bah" when she gets something, meaning mod lo bah, or thank you. She also likes her sunglasses, and asks repeatedly for them. I got her a little toy phone so she can call Costa, Ilio, or Mah Mah anytime she wants!

Off to meet the Hauflers for lunch at Cafe Canopy. I think any excuse to go inside where they have a/c is a good idea. The camera battery was just slightly different, so Ani couldn't charge it. She gave me her camera instead. (Another point for the people!)

This is an apt. building. Fairly common appearance.

By the time we were done, they were ready to go back to the hospital to check on their little guy, and we were going to go to the art market. Really cool stuff there. I found the greatest souvinir for Samuel. He's going to be so excited when he sees it! I also found a really pretty one for Catherine. St Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia, made a cross with a grape vine, which I why their crosses slant down, and why wine is so holy to them. I found a picture in the market that had beautiful details of grapes, leaves, and vines. We kept walking around, feeling like our feet were burning, sweat dripping from everywhere, and came back so I could buy it. However, Lika bought it for me as a gift to remember her by. Zhura was talking to the vendors, asking them about the quality of their work, discussing prices, etc. What kind people to help and bless like that when it was over 100* out!

Back to the apt. for a rest, since it was so hot. Some knitting, some reading, some resting, and I was ready to go. Lika and Zhura took me to a museum that has typical houses from around Georgia, a place they sometimes have dancers and music, but it was closed. Instead, we headed up the mountains to a restaurant when you could see an amazing night view of Tbilisi! We ate pizza that was really like khachapuri, but with tomatoes on top, and a wonderful salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, and jalapenos. I declines the pepper and let Tim Haufler take one bite. That was enough, although Buddy probably would've eaten the whole thing!

Back to the apt. for a quick call home, then laundry, and you know how that went.
Today, Giorgi, Bidzinia, and anyone else they can get, are fighting to get the birth certificate changed so we can get on with this process. Be believing with us that the hinderances and delays are removed, and they have supernatural favor with everyone involved. Thank you, Lord for working on our behalf!
I'll end with some things I've learned about Hannah and the progress she's made. When Nini brought her from the orphanage, and while she was in the orphanage, she never talked and never smiled. Now she smiles all the time, and rarely stops talking. She makes very clear what she's wanting! When she first came to live with Irma, she swallowed all her food whole, never chewing. They taught her to chew by giving her gum. She still has a different way of eating, but her teeth need some work, and I'm wondering if that is part of it. She used to have a difficult time holding crayons, or anything in her hands, now, she colors, plays with pe pe a's (cars), puts her sunglasses on, turns pages in the book, plays with phones. I'm envisioning all that is to come for her, and it looks very good!


Mary said...

Oh no! I hope your laundry dries before you have to go out :-( Every time I travel, I can't help but wish that there were just universal symbols on household appliances. Even the ones that have "pictures" on the dials instead of words are confusing because the symbols mean different things in different countries. Ah well...

It is very possible that Hannah is having trouble chewing because of her teeth. I had a significant (5mm) overbite, as well as teeth that were backwards, an extra tooth, and very crooked teeth as a child. Because of all that (well, mostly the overbite), I couldn't chew foods normally, and biting foods like carrot sticks with my front teeth was entirely out of the question! Several years worth of braces fixed that and now I can actually chew food :-P Maybe Hannah's different way of chewing is related to her teeth, much like mine was when I was her age.

Charissa said...

I'm home, and just getting caught up on your blog. We are praying for you, that all issues are quickly resolved so you can all be together soon! Meanwhile, please know I am here and available to help with your kids anytime!! Please give your mom and Buddy my number. I'm happy to watch them during the day while Buddy works, or whenever. I am enjoying your stories about Hannah, the Georgian people, the Georgian customs, etc. Fascinating. Keep them coming.

Leslie said...

I love all your details (especially since I hadn't even heard of ROG before I met you!). Hope you got your laundry finished in time ;) and enjoy your time with Hannah and friends.

spahrfamily said...

Delahne, Your story brings back memories. We had clothes hanging all over our flat/apartment while we were there.
I can't wait to hear that you are on the plane to bring that little precious girl home.
Will you give Alicia Haufler a hug for me and tell her that it's from me?
Blessings and hugs,