Tuesday, July 27, 2010

View from The Cross, looking at the old capital of Georgia. Miss those views. Found this picture of our first morning together.
Things we did today
- sat in the dealership for almost 1.5 hours so the rear gate latch could be fixed and I can get the double stroller out. Had a great conversation with a mom whose husband was adopted and watched 2 children trying to beat each other to different play stations.

- went to our upper cervical Dr, and we all feel much better now.

- realized I don't have any idea where my passport and Hannah's are. The holder also has a CC and my driver's license in it.

- got whipped with Hannah's hair one more time, which encouraged my previous decision to cut her hair. It is in her face, even when I pull it back, because it's so thick and heavy, and she wasn't able to push it out of her face. It just won't stay pulled back. It ends up in her food if she turns her head while she's eating. It's too hot in OK to have long thick hair. So, I sat her in the chair (after Caleb hopped up first and had an adjustment on his previous cut) and cut about 5 inches off. She did not sit still, but all in all, I think it turned out great. It's so much lighter now!
- decided to have a Welcome Home get together on Sunday. Feel free to drop by between 3 and 5. No gifts necessary, we'd just like to see our friends.

I know this is going to sound far fetched to some, but I'll share it in the hopes that someone will find help from it. Hannah will be mortified one day that her bowel habits were broadcast over the internet, but oh well. 4 days the first time she went for me in the US, then 2, then 2. Prune juice, cleansing tea. Nothing resulted that you would imagine for that length of time. However, she saw Dr Ray today and, I kid you not, we were maybe 10 miles down the road and she said she had to go. Another thing is that her hands were always cool. Not after the adjustment. She wasn't able to raise her arms much above shoulder lenth without great effort, but it appears much easier. She couldn't give you high fives because she couldn't manipulate her arms and wrists to do that. She did it tonight before we put her to bed. I'm thrilled. Knowing the limits she's had all her life, any new freedom in ability is a huge thing for her. Looking forward to getting our therapy appointments started and continued freedoms for our sweet girl.


Tamara's Mommy said...

I must say the picture of your children together really is by far my favorite. Delahne ... they're all beautiful and so obviously a sibling group. Hannah is gorgeous!!! Love the new haircut! You cut hair too? Is there nothing you can't do? lol Amazing!
So glad to hear Hannah and the rest of the family are adjusting so well.. so quickly! And how wonderful that she's already responding to all the TLC she's been receiving.
As for the bowel movement issue. Try Gerber baby food pured prunes. Our daughter will now ask for them.. they work and she seems to understand that. ;o)
Sounds like Hannah has a Global delay. Not surprising most of the children do. Our daughter was at 3-1/2 like a 12- 18 month old. Now at 5 she's at about 40-48 months. It's weird with some things she's wise well beyond her years but there are physical and developmental delays. But she is catching up at warp speed. Hannah will also. Just hang on and take lots and lots of pictures.. videos and document everything. Don't put off taking that picture. They really grow and change so quickly you may miss the opportunity to get that perfect shot again.
Continue to have fun and enjoy your beautiful children and family! ;o)

Mary said...

I love the pic of all 4 kids!

Hannah's haircut looks great! She's probably much happier with a shorter summer cut. I used to have really long hair...like, it was a couple of inches above my knees. It used to whip other people, was never *not* tangled, much too heavy, and hot in the summer. I eventually cut it. Sometimes I miss it, but then I remember how inconvenient it was! (LOL, can you tell I'm trying to work up the nerve to cut and donate 12 inches of my hair...it's gotten long again!)

Amos said...

Oh Delahne, her haircut is SO cute! I think you made a great choice. Can't wait to meet her.