Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saga near completion

I need to back up to tell about how the trip began, and then I'll tell how things are smoothing out. I was so pleased when I got our tickets- price was as good as we could get, timing was perfect, all was well. Fast forward to Hurricane whatever they're calling him. Smaller jets couldn't get in to Houston, but the bigger jets could get out. We didn't know this, and went about our morning, dropping S & C off at VBS for their last day there. Catherine gave me a big hug and kiss, while Samuel pushed me away. I felt so crushed, and walked out to see my friend Amy. She hugged me and prayed with me, reassuring me it's his age and that God is going before me and making a way for us.
We got to the airport in plenty of time, only to find out we were delayed. I pulled out my knitting and started a scarf for my brother. A nice older couple sat down beside us, and after a while we started talking, only to find out they have an adopted granddaughter. Best wishes, traveling mercies, God taking care of us, etc. What words in season I received that morning!
Finally get to the plane, very slowly down to the runway to find at the end, we were going nowhere. After 2 hours on the plane, we went back. meanwhile, I was totally trusting the Lord to make a way, even if we got all the way back to the gate, He could open the clouds so we could take off. Which is exactly what he did.
When we got to Houston, the gentlemen behind us checked our flight to Amsterdam and couldn't tell what if it had taken off. We hurried to our gate only to see San Francisco as the destination. Looked on the display and saw in another concourse only one flight to Am. Off we went, to find it was Delta, not Continental. Went back to find a service center to find only one flight per day. Found out as we were landing and pulling around to the gate, our flight was taking off. Finally got something to eat and began to make phone calls. Thankfully, we were able to get a hotel close to the airport. We checked in and resumed our phone calling. Seriously, 6 hours of calls, holding, getting conflicting information, we finally had an answer, we thought. For $4,000 we could adjust the flight course and make it 11:45 pm on the 4th. It would work! As we held for another lengthy bit, we found out the flight was already over booked and we were the 2nd and 3rd extra passengers. If we didn't make it on that, we'd be stranded a day in London and we'd miss our court date. Back to the drawing board.
In the end, my husband took over and made sure they knew we meant business, HAD to make a way for us to get to our court hearing. After that we got some answers. For much less than the previous quote, we were able to find a way to visit another European country, if only from the airport, and still make it wee hours of the morning of our court date. The trick will be visiting Hannah before then, especially not knowing what time things are to happen.
Also, we were hoping to see Robin and spend time with her, which will now be reduced to about 5 minutes between when we land and she leaves.
Thank God for His peace that passes all understand, keeping our hearts and minds in the knowledge of Him. He kept us peaceful, safe, and provided for. I tell you what, a good 6 hours of sleep was fabulous for me. We're going to have a nice morning and head back to the airport, make flight, and tour Europe by plane!
Thanks for all the prayers and support. It meant so much to us. Don't stop now!


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Yikes! I pray you'll be able to make it to ROG tomorrow in time to visit Hannah.

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Prayers for smooth..flying :) I guess sometimes God just likes us to sit on the edge of our seats for His shows :)I love your family pic's..very cute! When we left, our oldest..then about to turn 12 while we were gone, had a really hard time too. I guess it is the age. While we were gone we had great conversations with her via email & once we were home & she was reasured of her place she let the love flow. I'll be praying for your little one's hearts to be at peace while your away.