Monday, July 26, 2010

Homecoming pictures

A week later, I finally take the time to post them. Thanks Charissa for being our photographer!
Some of the welcome committee.Catherine's first glimpses of Hannah and I.Yay! I missed this great guy.So pleased to see each other again.Almost the whole crew.

Still no camera battery charger. :(


Alice said...

Yay! No one got pictures of our homecoming. Oh well, I will never forget it, anyway.

Mary said...

Awww lovely photos! I'm so happy that Hannah is finally home with you guys!

Tamara's Mommy said...

I can relate Alice. No one got our picture either. We were greeter by a limo driver? Oh well. The memory will live in our hearts forever ;o)
That said YAY!!! Awesome homecoming! I'm sure Hannah will really appreciate having these in the years to come. My hat's off to your friends and family for doing it right!!!

Delahne said...

That is so sad! My mom was there, too, taking pictures. I just got the hair cut pictures with a little juice still in the camera battery.
Lee- I appreciate all your words of wisdom and encouragement. Would you email me so I can ask you more off the blog? Thanks.

Tamara's Mommy said...

Delahne... I'd love to email you. What is your email? I can't seem to find it on here. ;o)

Delahne said...

delahne wright at sbcglobal dot net