Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Angel Tree

Back a few weeks ago, I told the kids we were going to donate a certain amount to the angel tree and they could each pick a child to sponsor. I don't think they really understood because as we were looking at the pictures of the children Samuel said, "Wow! They're really cheap can we get one?" After I explained, Catherine found Kristen. Samuel found Dennis, but he really thought Aaron was cute too. What about Elliott? He decided to use his own money to help more kids because getting them families was more important than a toy for himself. So he chose Sasha and Derek, too. I was really moved and on we went thinking occassionally about them. Today when I got the mail I got a package from RR. In it were ornaments for each of the children we sponsored. It hit me so hard how important it was what we'd done (not becasue we're so great or sent a ton of money. It's all of us working together to bring them home). Yes, I know they need families. Yes, I know we're bringing Hannah home soon. But when I saw their pictures and saw so much more clearly these precious little ones, it made me cry. I still am. I'm honored that even though we're not able to have them physically with us, they're there on our tree this year and hopefully in someone's home next year.

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Kerry Shealy said...

When your kids respond in that way it makes you feel like your doing something right, doesn't it? I love it when thoughtfulness seeps through!