Thursday, December 4, 2008

Field trip day

On Tuesday the Urbans and we had a field trip planned for the George Washington Carver Monument. Amanda came to watch the 3 youngest, which let the rest of us pile into one vehicle. I forgot how long it would take, but it was a good 2 hrs and the kids did fine. We were so happy it had warmed up while we drove, because we had to eat outside and it was windy! There was a really nice movie about GWC's life and what kind of a man he was. Then we got to see really neat things from his life. Seeing the bill of sale for his mother was really eye opening for us. There was a hands on area for the kids to look at nature and appreciate it in a different light. We saw a typical school room from that era, which the kids enjoyed.
When the kids finished 6 activities, they got badges to be Jr. rangers. They had to take an oath and were very pleased.

There was a nature walk where we got to see his birthplace and where he spent much of his time. Before we went, we read a book called "The Man Who Talked with the Flowers." It was a little challenging for the kids to understand, but so eye opening about overcoming adversity and the potential we overlook and ignore. Imagine if we took time as he did to meet with God each day for direction and then did it! He was so humble and caring, such a pure spirit. I'd like to be like him. Interestingly, we were reading a book exploring creation and in Job 12:8 it says "Speak to the earth and it will teach you." It's not just for GWC, it's for us if we'll believe it. I encourage you to look him up and learn more about him, it's an amazing, inspiring story.

When we got home, Caleb was so happy to see me and wanted to be held, not out of my sight. Funny thing, he wouldn't walk for me, but as soon as Buddy got home, he walked to him! We watched Wall-E after the kids went to bed and I knitted. What a nice cozy time together, which I enjoyed. We need to do this more often.

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