Saturday, December 20, 2008

Week in review

I tried to post earlier in the week and blogger wouldn't save, so I guess that saved you readers a few days of little family details you can live without. Here's our week in a nut shell.
Monday, after freezing outside, the kids went back in the dark to enjoy more time on the trampoline and sledding across the ice (Catherine pulled herself while she leaned over the front of the sled!) and didn't come in until their cheeks were so rosy and hopped into a warm bath! Tuesday we went to the Urbans for some fun and more time outside. When Caleb wouldn't nap in Ava's crib, he and I left to get a nap and to fold the mountain of laundry on our couch. Charissa lent me Nacho Libre, so I watched while I folded. Oh my,that was so funny! That night Buddy and I watched together and laughed so hard! Even when I got up to when Caleb woke up crying, I was laughing thinking of the scenes ahead. The next day, buddy was telling the kids about "the Lord's chips" and they got such a kick out of it. The kids and I watched yesterday and enjoyed it as much the 4th time as the 1st! A good rent if you need a laugh. Thanks Urbans!
Last week we watched Princess Bride, which is one of my all time favorites, and the kids really enjoyed it. I'm glad I have others who are willing to pull it out and watch more frequently than my other movie partner!
Wednesday we did more baking, for us this time, and drove to spend the night with Buddy. He's been blessed with so much work during this time of waiting for Hannah and we've missed him. It was a great adventure where the kids got to be with him for a bit while I got into the hotel room and ordered dinner. We played Uno and watched the Nutcracker on TV while we ate dinner. Do nice to be able to spend that time together. Buddy usually comes in and kisses me good bye while I'm still sleeping, but we all got to sleep til the same time. Samuel got to spend more time at his shop while Catherine and I picked up the room. Alas, one of my knitting needles didn't make it home with us! I've finished 6 for giving and really hoped to finish at least one more this weekend. Good thing Hobby Lobby is so close!
I'm a pretty frugal person and really like to get a good deal. When I saw Linen's and Things going out of business, I waited and waited and finally got our bookshelf and a few other things. I decided to go back to get more shelf liner and saw a few other fun things while I was there, but decided not to do anything then. Well, when I saw everything 70-80%, I was game to just go peek. Things I've been wanting and needing were sooo cheap! I got excited because God knows I'd like to have them, knows what we need to be doing with our $, and cares enough to provide things that are good quality for a very low price. I kept telling the kids how awesome God is. We could have paid the same price for these things elsewhere and they not last long, but now they'll last a very long time. We got covers for our couch and love seat, very nice blankets for our beds and guests, a new comforter set for our bed, a dining set (chair covers, napkins, table cloths, chargers, place card holders) that will be great for a birthday party we're having in a few weeks and for Christmas dinner, new wash cloths, and many other things that are exciting. I'm so thankful! One of the things we got for Buddy is a big mug that's a soup bowl. We had the funnest set several years ago and he broke both of them. Last night he was mentioning how much he missed them. Little did he know, there's one under the tree for him!
Buddy is working in town this afternoon, so we'll head over to the jobsite to spend some time together. Then possibly to a Christmas program tonight. We'll see how the timing goes.

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