Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures from the Christmas ballet recital. Can you see why she wanted to take the tutu home?

I didn't get to the bread today, (try this family friendly version, thanks Mary) but the kids and I did get coconut cake made for our nearly 90 year old neighbor lady, her favorite. We also got sugar coated gingerbread twists made for friends' gifts. Both C & S had play dates and C's friend's dad asked if baking was part of homeschool curriculum. I told him, absolutely! It's fractions, following directions and planning. Yeah, planning is big, especially since I didn't read that I had to chill the dough for 2 hours- smack dab in the middle of play dates! I hadn't ever done anything like this, so I didn't realize how much time it took time to do the cutting, rolling, twisting, egg washing, sugar sprinkling. However, the results are well worth it. (That's egg wash on the edges because I don't have a brush and used a spoon!
We had happy friends who are glad we homeschool! Another thing we did today was go to Linens and Things. They're going out of business and I've been watching their sale % go down. In we went to find a jumbo muffin pan and I came out with a new bookcase! I've wanted one for our homescool books, which are piling on the kitchen counter. I was trying to not spend much money and didn't see anything I liked for a good deal. What a blessing to find it for $45 and it's pretty! Samuel and Caleb helped me put it together. I'll finish tomorrow, but I really need a drill to make it go faster than hand driving screws with no pre-drilled holes.
Tomorrow we'll go to our town's Christmas parade and then head to my parents to make gingerbread houses and relax. I might try that bread recipe in the am, after I'm very sure I've read the directions and have a good understanding of time frames!
We drove home from the play date last night and saw so many pretty houses with their lights. Caleb kept saying "Hi" in this really soft, high pitched voice and had the biggest smile when he saw lights. Made us all laugh.
Adoption news: We have to be really thankful that God is on our side. I heard tonight again the scripture that God places the lonely in families, which was very encouraging. I wish I could share details, but the best thing to say is that someone we needed to help us on the US side (not the agency, but government) who, in the past was not helpful, has made a turn around and is advocating strongly for us. I continue to believe it will be soon that we hear something and we will have our little girl where she belongs- in our home. There are 3 of us families effected by the way things are going and it's been a challenge at times to be patient. Please pray for these other families, too as they wait out the conclusion of their adoptions.

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Mary said...

Those gingerbread twists look amazing - I need to make them asap! I can totally see why C wanted to take the tutu home - I know I would have wanted to when I was her age :-) I'm glad to hear that the adoption process is moving along - I'll be thinking of you all often and praying that Hannah will be home soon.