Monday, December 22, 2008

Adoption rumblings

Nothing official yet, but there are things in the works for another family our case is tied to. It's very exciting to finally hear that something is happening. We're secretly hoping and talking about what could be... Hoping to have news very soon for all.
We got Hannah's stocking up- the biggest of them all. However, Catherine dropped the usb connector down a tiny hole in the wall, so no way of posting pictures. :(


Anne, Marc, Mathieu and Gigi Norcross said...

I happened across your family blog. Is Hannah from Georgia? My daughter Georgia (we call her Gigi) was adopted from the Republic of Georgia in 2002. We have friends that brought home their 2nd daughter last December. Our family blog is
Anne Norcross

Charissa said...

I can't wait...Get that camera working soon, I have a feeling you'll need it. :)